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v3.4.4 Feature Release Notes
v3.4.4 Feature Release Notes

Feature release notes for January 2024.

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Feature Updates


  • Added new “Total Events” metric under Condition Type for Alerts.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Released Custom Metrics - now you can focus on the most crucial metrics by defining the precise performance formulas that reveal the insights you need most [Details]

  • Added the Event ID next to the Event Name in Event Reports.

  • Added "Unique Clicks" and “Duplicate Clicks” as a metric to Dimensional Reports (available in Affiliate UI and Network UI).

  • Created option an to use Order ID to reject Conversions.


  • Add "Partner Tiers" to the Filters (under Partners > Manage).


  • Added "Total Conversions" card (displays base and Event conversion statistics) to the Dashboard.


  • The Advertiser & Partner Signup now allows the options to make the Address section Visible and Required (thus, it is also removable).


  • Released Marketplace Recommendations that suggest the most compatible Partners [Details] and Advertisers [Details] in our marketplace for mutually beneficial collaborations.


  • Our new Agency Dashboard delivers a high-level view of performance and direct login into brand accounts to streamline management [Details].

Partner Portal

  • Added Offer URL on Conversion Click Reporting in Partner Portal.

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