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Agency Dashboard

Set up an Agency Dashboard by creating an account, enabling security, signing in, and navigating the interface.

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This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Agency Dashboard from start to finish. Having a properly configured Dashboard is crucial for monitoring your brands and maximizing revenue. Follow the steps below to get your Dashboard up and running.

Account Creation

Our agency team will manually create your Dashboard account. Once created, you will receive an email confirmation. Open this email and click on the activation link to create your account password.

Step 1: Set Account Password

After clicking the activation link, you will be directed to a page asking you to create and confirm a password.

  • Enter a strong password you can remember.

  • Click "Save Password" when finished.

Step 2: Two-Factor Authentication Setup

On the next page, you will be prompted to Sign In using your account details and asked to set up two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to your account.

  • You can enable this using Google Authenticator or through text messages.

  • Complete the 2FA setup process.

  • Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Step 3: Sign In to Dashboard

You will then see a prompt directing you back to the login page.

  • Sign in using the email address associated with your agency account and the password you just created.

  • Upon first sign-in you need to enter a 2FA confirmation code sent to your phone or Authenticator app.

Step 4: Explore the Dashboard

Once logged in, familiarize yourself with the Dashboard interface. On the left-hand menu, navigate between the Dashboard, Connections, Reporting (Brand), and My Account pages.

Agency Dashboard Navigation


The Dashboard gives you:

  • A high level view of performance - including clicks, conversions, payouts, revenue, and CVR

  • Login access to Brand accounts under the Connections section. Use the vertical 3-dot menu to login into the Brand's dashboard.

  • Once the user clicks the Login button, they will automatically be logged into the Brand account previously chosen, without needing the user to manually type in login credentials.

Note: For Connections to work properly, the user must have an active user account with the network (brand) associated with the added NID. If they have an account, the user should be able to successfully login to this network dashboard.

The email used for Agency and Brand accounts must be the same.


The Connections tab provides the same login access to brand accounts as on the Dashboard, but in a separate dedicated tab.

Please note, you will not be able to manage Connections on your own. The process of enabling Connections will be handled by our Agency team.


The Brand tab under the Reporting section allows you to run aggregated high-level reports on your connections using:

  • Filters

  • Time Intervals

  • Table Customization

Note: For more detailed reporting, log into your Everflow account or access the List of Reporting & Analytics Options for more information.

My Account

In My Account you can update:

User Account

  • Name, email, phone, status, password

Company Account

  • Name, logo, time zone, currency

Don't forget to hit Save after making any changes.

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