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Navigating The Partner Marketplace Dashboard
Navigating The Partner Marketplace Dashboard

Accessing and customizing your menu options in your Partner Marketplace Dashboard.

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Navigation Bar & Menu

  • Hamburger Menu - At the top of the left Navigation Bar, you will find a "hamburger menu" (three horizontal lines). Click to open the navigation menu with groups of features and tools.

  • Under Connect, click Marketplace to access the Partner Marketplace Dashboard.

  • Under Manage, you can click:

  1. Connections to access the advertisers, brands and merchants you have either requested a connection with (pending), or are already connected with (active).

  2. Offers to access the complete list of Offers (including offer details, creative assets and tracking links) available to you from your Connections.

  3. Postbacks to place the postbacks into your account, either advertiser-specific, or global (the same postback for all accounts).

  • Under Reporting, click Advertiser to access your reporting dashboard.

  • Under Tools, click Tracking & Asset Generator to create tracking links and creative asset downloads.

  • Under More, click My Account to access information about your User and Company accounts.


  • Click the Pin Icon for easy sidebar access to that menu item. You may also drag the pinned menu items to reorder them.

Sticky Mode

  • If you prefer to view the Navigation Menu open at all times, you can click the |> icon at the bottom of the Navigation Bar.

  • Click the <I icon to remove the menu.

My Account

  • My Account is visible by clicking on the person icon. Here you can view/edit your User information and settings, change your password, and view/edit your profile, and also access your company information.


  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Marketplace team by clicking the question mark icon, then select Help.

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