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Marketplace Discovery & Managing Connections
Marketplace Discovery & Managing Connections

Marketplace allows you to discover new partners for promoting your offers, connect with them, and instantly start running offers with them.

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.0 (September 26, 2023):

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This guide demonstrates the discovery process from the perspectives of both an advertiser and a partner, as well as how to request and manage connections. All of which you can do directly inside the Everflow platform.

The Discovery section highlights potential partnerships based on alignment of offerings and requirements, while the Manage Connections section allows you to do just that.

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For an Introduction to the Marketplace and Signup Instructions - [Click Here]

Marketplace Discovery

Click the hamburger icon from the left side menu, and navigate to Marketplace. Then, select Discovery.

There will be one to two tabs available at the top of the screen.

  • Partner Discovery (pictured below)

  • Advertiser Discovery

Check out the following tools available for customizing your search within both Partner Discovery and Advertiser Discovery:

  • Filters: Narrow down potential partnerships based on specific data.

    • The Status filter will display only the prospects based on their status in the Managed Connections, such as Connected or Pending Approval.

  • Sort By: You can sort by 'Top Matches' or 'Date Added'

  • View: You can choose to view your connections in a grid or in a table.

The Match Score is based on an algorithm that considers requirements and other data points.

Partner Discovery

Navigate to Marketplace - Discovery > Partner Discovery. This is where you can search and connect with a curated list of high-quality partners.

Click the Learn More button for any partner to find out details about their program. You can read about the categories, locations, platforms, payout types and promotional methods that work best for them.

Adding Relationships

Step #1

Click Invite for the desired Partner.

You can either create a new account for them, or you can group them under an existing partner if you are already connected manually.

Selecting Customize Visibility allows you to pre-approve Offers that you want to automatically set up in the Partner's platform. Please note that all Public offers will already be approved for this Partner.

You may also personalize the invitation, if desired.

Step #2

Once the Partner approves your request, you will receive confirmation via email.

Step #3

Navigate to Partners - Manage, then click the partner you connected with via Marketplace. Once set up, the Partner is managed with the same process as any existing partners.

The tracking setup is automatically implemented for successfully recording Conversions and Events. When an Offer is approved for the Partner it will immediately feed into their platform, allowing them to start delivering traffic.

Step #4

To edit the offer visibility for the partner, simply click the Visibility tab. For a more detailed guide on visibility - [Click Here]

Direct Linking Instructions

If an Offer uses Direct Linking, it will not automatically implement the correct Partner Tracking Link for your Partner. You will need to instruct the Partner to append the following to their tracking link, being sure to replace values 'XX' with the respective Offer ID and Affiliate ID: &oid=XX&affid=XX.

  1. Navigate to Marketplace → Manage Connections → Connected Advertisers.

  2. Choose the connection that you are interested in and click the vertical dots on the right side of the screen.

  3. Select Edit Sync Details.

  4. Navigate to the Controls section. Under Field Locking, select Base Destination URL.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Navigate to Marketplace → Manage Connections → Connected Advertisers → Click on the connection you are looking to modify → Offers Tab.

  7. Edit each Offer’s Base Destination URL to include the right oid=XXX and affid=XXX.

  8. Place your postback in the advertiser’s account.

Advertiser Discovery

Navigate to Marketplace - Discovery > Advertiser Discovery. This is where you can find new Offer sources for promoting with your traffic.

Click the Learn More button for any advertiser to find out details about their program. You can read about the categories, locations, platforms, payout types and promotional methods that work best for them. Be sure to check out each tab:

  • General

  • Program(s)

  • Terms and Conditions

Adding Relationships

Step #1

Click Apply for the desired Advertiser.

Before your application is sent, you will need to:

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions

  • Decide whether to create a new account for them, or group them under an existing advertiser

  • Personalize the invitation, if desired.

Step #2

You will receive an email confirmation when the application was approved by the Advertiser. Then, you can review the newly created offers by simply clicking View Offers from the email.

Manage Connections

There are two ways to reach the Manage Connections screen.

  1. Navigate to Marketplace - Manage Connections. (A notification bubble with a number will be visible on the left-side menu when a connection is "Awaiting Your Approval".)

  2. From your Dashboard, click one of the links on the Marketplace Connections card.

    • You may need to add this card to your dashboard first (see gif below: click the toggle button in upper right corner to customize cards and add Marketplace Connections.)

You will see the following tabs:

  • Connected Partners

  • Connected Advertisers

  • Awaiting Your Approval

  • Pending Approval

Connected Partners/Brands: List of all approved connections. At the end of each row, you can Generate Tracking Links for specific Offers or Partners.

Awaiting Your Approval: These are connections that have applied to work with you. You can view their profile, respond to their request and contact them directly.

Pending Approval: These are connections to which you have applied and are awaiting approval. You can contact them directly, view their profile, or edit your request at any time by clicking the vertical dots to Edit Invite.

Marketplace Notifications

  • If you receive an invitation to connect with a Partner or Advertiser through the Marketplace, you will receive one email notification.

  • Once you have accumulated eight or more unanswered connection requests, an orange notification will appear in the Marketplace prompting you to click Manage Connections and Accept or Decline connections.

  • Additionally, you may add a Marketplace Connection card to their Dashboard to stay on top of pending connections. For more information on customizing your dashboard - [Click Here]

Managing Your Advertiser Feeds

Navigate to the Control Center - Integrations - Marketplace tab. This is where you can review and edit all of your Advertiser integrations via the Marketplace. This is also where you can set up an API with other Advertisers or Platforms that typically do not use Everflow.

Please see Marketplace Feeds documentation [here].

Please Note: If you need to add an integration via API, click the Add Integration button in the top right side of the screen. This is only for existing relationships, in which you already have an API key and would like to complete it manually. Please reach out to the Customer Success team if you do not see the Advertiser or Platform you wish to integrate with.


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