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How to Navigate and Customize Your Dashboard
How to Navigate and Customize Your Dashboard

How to Navigate and Customize Your Dashboard in order to create the perfect snapshot for your business.

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This guide will show you how to create the perfect snapshot of your business through Dashboard customization.

  • After logging in, the Dashboard is the first screen you see. You can also navigate to the Dashboard by clicking the Hamburger menu, then click Dashboard.

  • Click the pin icon to pin the Dashboard to the Navigation Bar.

The Dashboard refreshes every 30 seconds.

Customizing Cards and Metrics

  • Use the toggle button in the upper right corner to add or remove cards such as Metrics (Clicks, Conversions, CPC, CPM, etc.), Performance, Offers, Advertisers, and Partners.

  • Then, you may change the size of each card by clicking and dragging the edges, or reposition the cards by clicking and dragging the card header. Adjusting the size of the cards is especially helpful for viewing the Overview Cards without needing to scroll.

Overview Cards (Offers, Advertisers & Partners)


  • Clicks, Profit or Revenue are the metric options to be viewed on the graph that compares Today vs. Yesterday stats.

  • Mouse over the graph to see specific metrics in 15-minute intervals.

  • On the top of the graph, there is a pulldown to select which Offer, Partner or Advertiser you would like the graph to represent.

  • Click + Add Offer, + Add Partner or + Add Advertiser, on the card header for one-click access to create a new Offer/Partner/Advertiser.

Detailed Rows

  • Click the vertical dots to the right of the search bar to select which columns are displayed.

  • You can go to the Detailed Overview Page by clicking on the name of the Offer/Advertiser/Partner.

  • At the end of the row click the vertical dots to also go to the associated page for details, or redirect to a top-level report.

Pending Requests

Pending Conversions, Partners, and Offer Applications can be viewed on the top row of the dashboard.

  • If you click the Conversions, Requests, or Partners, you will be redirected to the screen in which you can approve these requests.


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