This guide will walk you through the ClickBank Integration, which will allow you to track Conversions from ClickBank back to Everflow.

Step #1

Log into your ClickBank account and navigate to Vendor Settings > My Site and go to the Advanced Tools section. Here you can find your Secret Key, which will need to be added in Everflow in order to configure the integration.

Step #2

In Everflow, navigate to Control Center > Integrations > E-Commerce and click Add next to ClickBank. In the window that pops up, toggle Enabled to the ON position and enter the Secret Key.

Step #3

Back in the Advanced Tools section in ClickBank, you will need to add the following Instant Notification URL:


Please note: The XXX in the URL represents your Everflow Network ID, which can be found in Everflow by navigating to Control Center > Configuration and finding the numerical ID listed in the General card.

Step #4

The Everflow Transaction ID must be passed in the 'ef-transaction-id' parameter of your ClickBank Paylink. The Base Destination URL for your Offer in Everflow should look something like this:


Note: While it isn't necessary, you can pass the Everflow Transaction ID as the 'vtid' parameter as well, which will make it easier to isolate it in your ClickBank reporting. In this case, the Base Destination URL would look something like this:



  • Everflow will only process INS that have a "transaction_type" of SALE or BILL, both of which will result in a base conversion on your offer. The 'sale_amount' in Everflow is based on the "totalOrderAmount" field in the ClickBank INS.

  • TEST, TEST_BILL and TEST_SALE events will also be processed, but will result in base Conversions for which we will force a Payout & Revenue of $0. We will add an 'adv1' value of "clickbank_test" to make it easier to understand why the Payout & Revenue are $0.


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