When the Visibility setting for an Offer is Require Approval, your Partners have the ability to apply for permission to run the Offer. Here, we will outline the steps for approving or denying those offer applications, as well as how to manage these applications when offer-level T&Cs are required.

Please note that Visibility and offer-level T&Cs are configured in the Tracking & Controls section of an Offer.


Approving and Rejecting Offer Applications

You can access your pending offer applications from the Dashboard from the Pending Resources card.

Or, navigate to Partners - Offer Applications, and either:

  • select the check box for the desired application, and use the drop-down menu to Approve or Reject, or
  • click the vertical dots, and select either Approve or Reject.

Please note that if you approve a Partner with notifications enabled, that partner will receive a notification when you approve or deny their offer application. For more about customizing these email templates for associated notifications - [Click Here].


Offer-level Terms & Conditions

If there are Offer-level T&Cs required, then the Partner must first accept before applying for permission to run the Offer.

Once the Partner has accepted the T&Cs, they can Request Approval or click Apply.



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