Updated - Feature Release 2.9.2 (March 24, 2021): Save & Schedule reports available in the Advertiser Portal - [Details]


This article will walk you through the different features of the Everflow Advertiser Portal.

Assigned Account Manager: This is the contact information for the assigned Network Account Manager.

Question Mark Icon: Quick links to commonly used resources such as Everflow's HelpDesk and Release Notes.

Person Icon: Name and email associated with your User account.


Here, you can see a current performance overview for active offers with a high-level snapshot using metrics like Cost, Clicks, Conversions, CVR, Events, and EVR.


View the offers that are currently active. Use the search box, or apply filters to narrow down the display, and add/remove columns to customize your display.

Additionally, you may click on the vertical dots on the far right for the Destination URL as well as reporting resources associated with that offer.


Please note that not all networks display invoices. If enabled, here you can see an overview of all paid and unpaid invoices. Filter by different payment periods and balance amounts to drill down to particular invoices.


Flex: Similar to a pivot table, the Flex report allows you to choose which columns to include in a report and the order in which they are displayed.


Under Reporting, there are multiple options for specific types of reports and how to manage them.

All reports have the following options in common and display top-level data:

1. Apply Specific Time Frame: Select the timeframe in which you would like to run the report. The report will automatically run for the timeframe of Today.

2. Filters: Allows you to add filters such as offer name, to the report.

3. Saving and Scheduling: Please note that you may access saved and scheduled reports from the left-side menu.

  • Click Save at the top right to maintain your filters and name the report.

  • Click Load to use your saved reports later.

  • Click Schedule to automatically run and email the report based on the schedule you define.

4. Settings: Select the reports time zone and currency.

5. Export: Download the report to a CSV or JSON file.

Offer: (shown above) A top-level view of traffic generated per offer. Use the Filters to narrow down the offers included in the report. To drill down further, click the offer name to add columns and customize metrics.

Daily: A top-level view of traffic generated per day. Use the Filters to narrow down the offers included in the report. To drill down further, click the date to add columns and customize metrics.

Conversion: A line-item view of each conversion and event generated. Be sure to add the Event Name column to distinguish conversions and events, as well as any other relevant columns. Click the vertical dots on any conversion or event to get more details.


You will find an overview of all documents posted by the network here for your reference. Please note that not all networks use the Documents section.


My Account

  • General - Update information about yourself/company. This is also where you can update your timezone, currency and password.

  • API - Your API Key will be displayed here.

  • Notifications - Customize your notification settings here.

Settings - View the billing settings applied to your account by the network.

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