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eCommerce Brand - Products Report & Refunds Report
eCommerce Brand - Products Report & Refunds Report

This guide will show you how to use reports to understand and analyze your brand's marketing initiatives.

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Reporting and Analytics tools can give you a clear picture of your program's successes and shortcomings, and help you understand what areas you need to focus on.

This guide is specific for Everflow clients with an eCommerce brand/store. To simplify your process for setting up offers, this guide will skip over many fields that we have deemed less relevant for an eCommerce use case.

For a full list of available reporting options - [Click Here]

The Refunds Report requires an integration with WooCommerce, ClickFunnels, and/or Shopify.

Shopify - You must have our app installed on your store. See our integration guide for details - [Click Here]

WooCommerce - You must sign into your Wordpress site through Everflow on the WooCommerce integrations page.

ClickFunnels - You must have our webhook in place on the funnel you wish to count the refunds for.

Products Report

The Products Report provides you with a breakdown of performance by Product SKU and the Partners generating sales for that Product SKU. Prior to using this report, you must set up your Offers according to our Price Per Product documentation.

  • To access the Products Report, navigate to Reporting - Products.

  • If the Product Report is not listed, navigate to Control Center - Roles - Select Your Role - Edit. Under Reporting, mark the checkbox for Product.

Configuring the Products Report

  • First, enter the date range and any relevant filters, such as Advertiser, Offer or Partner, that your report should consider.

  • Save your filters, then click Run Report.

Viewing Your Report

  • Click the vertical dots to customize the displayed columns.

  • Click the Expand button to view the associated Partner performance for each SKU. Or, do this one-by-one by clicking on a single SKU to see the associated Partner performance.

  • Furthermore, you may click on any of the clickable data points to expand your view of the data.

  • Click the Product SKU in the SKU column or the number in the Total CV column to see the Conversion Details for that selected SKU.

  • Alternatively, you may click the Partner to see their Conversion Details for that SKU.

Refunds Report

  • Navigate to Reporting - Refunds.

  • Date Range: This references the "Refund Date" in the report.

  • Filters: Filter by Partner(s), Offer(s), and Advertiser(s).

  • Add/Remove Columns: Be sure the Refund Amount column is selected.

  • Search Bar: Search your report for a specific Conversion ID, Email, Order ID, SKU or Transaction ID.

*Please note that partial refunds will appear separately, as shown above.

  • Click the vertical dots on the end of a row for more options associated with the refund.

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