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Guide to the Products Report
Guide to the Products Report

How to use, customize and understand the Products Report.

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The Products Report provides you with a breakdown of performance by Product SKU and the Partners generating sales for that Product SKU.

  • To access the Products Report, navigate to Reporting - Products.

  • If the Product Report is not listed, navigate to Control Center - Roles. Under Reporting, mark the checkbox for Product.

Configuring Your Report

  • First, enter the date range and any relevant filters, such as Advertiser, Offer or Partner, that your report should consider.

  • Save your filters, then click Run Report.

Viewing Your Report

  • Click the vertical dots to customize the displayed columns.

  • Click the Expand button to view the associated Partner performance for each SKU. Or, do this one-by-one by clicking on a single SKU to see the associated Partner performance.

  • Furthermore, you may click on any of the clickable data points to expand your view of the data.

  • Click the Product SKU in the SKU column or the number in the Total CV column to see the Conversion Details for that selected SKU.

  • Alternatively, you may click the Partner to see their Conversion Details for that SKU.

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