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Tracking SMS as Clicks in Everflow
Tracking SMS as Clicks in Everflow

Learn how to track your SMS as Clicks within Everflow and its Offer setup.

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You can use sms:// in your base destination URL instead of the traditional http://. This functionality is similar to using tel:// for phone numbers, but it initiates an SMS message instead.

Setup Guide

  1. Set your base destination URL (BDU) to sms://<phone_number>.

  2. Optionally, add message content by using sms://<phone_number>?body=<message> (no spaces in the message).

For more information on BDU macros - A Guide to Parameters and Macros.

For more information on Offer setup - Getting Started - Offer Setup Guide.

Additionally, Bulk Edit is also available for this feature in case you want to update standard BDUs with SMS ones in bulk.

Is it a good fit for you?

This feature is perfect for you if you want to track SMS messages as Clicks in your Everflow campaigns.

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