Singular Integration Guide

This guide will walk you through connecting your data setup to Singular.

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Setting up Singular is handled on their side. All you will need to do is complete the following document and send it to Singular.

Singular Integration Form - [Download Here]
Send Completed Form - []

Here is a helpful cheatsheet for how Singular's Parameters correspond to Everflow Parameters - [View Here]

You will need to add your Advertiser Postback URL to the section below. For more instructions on how to get this Postback - [Advertiser Postback Guide]

Handling Singular's Naming Requirements

Singular requires that Offers pass a specific name that corresponds with their internal settings. To keep your Offer names user friendly, you can instead add the Singular internal name under the Advertiser Campaign Name inside the Offers > Manage > Click on the corresponding offer > Edit > General tab. This will pass that name to Singular, while letting you use your own Offer Name inside Everflow.

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