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ActiveProspect / LeadConduit Integration
ActiveProspect / LeadConduit Integration
Track performance of lead sources in ActiveProspect through their LeadConduit solution.
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LeadConduit allows you to easily track the performance of lead sources within ActiveProspect in your Everflow platform. The most common use case is setting up conversion tracking by passing the transaction_id value from your lead source to your Everflow postback URL.

Step #1

In LeadConduit, add a Recipient step to your flow using the Everflow integration.

Step #2

Add your Everflow postback URL to the configuration.

To find your global postback URL in Everflow, navigate to Control Center - Configuration.

Step #3

Review the configuration to ensure that URL parameters were parsed as expected.

Step #4

Map any parameters contained in your postback URL to the appropriate field(s) or hardcoded values in your LeadConduit flow.

Note: When configuring your lead source, you will have to ensure that fields such as Click ID are being sent with the lead and captured by LeadConduit.

Step #5

The integration is complete.


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