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Integrations: TrackDrive

Learn how to integrate with TrackDrive.

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The optimal setup between Everflow and TrackDrive involves configuring your Pay Per Call Offers in Everflow with Payout to Affiliates set in the Base Conversion of the Offer and Revenue set in Events. Create one Everflow Event for each TrackDrive Advertiser (aka Buyer).

This setup allows you to track Publisher payout on the main Everflow conversion (with no revenue), and then attach revenue to the Events for each buyer (with no event payout).

Currently, Everflow Events don't support assigning different advertisers to each Event. However, there is a request to allow the main offer advertiser to be your company, with Events tied to your TrackDrive Buyers. As a workaround, you can create dummy Everflow offers per buyer to track Pay Per Call Events, or provide buyers login access to TrackDrive call stats.


Step 1: Setting Up An Offer

  • Navigate to Offers > Manage.

  • On the main Offer, set the Revenue to $0, but set the payout for the Traffic Partner.

  • The event IDs become the buyer IDs in TrackDrive.

  • The events are set to Private/Advertiser Revenue/SO Payout to Traffic Partner.

  • Select Conversion Method as Server Postback (in Tracking & Control tab).

Navigate to the Attribution tab and disable Click to Conversion Time.

You must match the ID fields between Everflow and TrackDrive:

  • Buyer ID: The ID (event_id) shown in the above picture is created after you save the offer with Events configured.

  • Or you may optionally set a token like Everflow event_id in the Buyer Extra Tokens or the Buyer Conversion Setting Extra Tokens to be used in the webhooks instead of buyer_id.

  • Traffic Source ID: Ensure the Traffic Source IDs used in TrackDrive match the Traffic Partner IDs (affiliate_id) encoded value used in Everflow.

The concept of using Events to track Pay Per Call offers in Everflow is as follows:

Main Offer (aka the “Base Event”):

  • Revenue: $0.00 (Revenue will be Tracked in Events)

  • Payout: RPA/CPA (Set Value) OR CPS a Percentage of “amount” sent back from TrackDrive

Offer Events (marked as Private):

  • Revenue: RPA/CPA (Set Value) OR CPS a Percentage of “amount” sent back from TrackDrive

  • Payout: Will be set to “irrelevant” on the events since the events will be marked “Private”

RPA/CPA – Revenue and Payout set in Everflow, TrackDrive only Posts Conversions

CPS – Revenue and Payout set in TrackDrive, TrackDrive Posts Conversions & Amounts

Step 2: Make a GLOBAL Trigger in TrackDrive

Using the menu selections of Company/Webhooks, import the Trigger from the TrackDrive Templates named “GLOBAL TRIGGER: Everflow Integration”. Once completed, you will get a Global Webhook in your TrackDrive Account that will have a Trigger for When the Call Ends, and 3 Webhook URLs as shown here:

To import the integration template in TrackDrive, go to Company/Webhooks and import the Trigger from the "GLOBAL TRIGGER: Everflow Integration" template. This will create a Global Webhook with a trigger for When the Call Ends and 3 Webhook URLs:

The Following Changes MUST be made to the Trigger that was copied in:

  • Edit each Webhook URL where {Domain) is in the URL and put in your real tracking domain in its place.

  • The 15 second delay after the Click Webhook is intentional, this will give the Everflow system time to commit the "transaction_ id" parsed from the click response which is used in both the Traffic Source Conversion and the Buyer Conversion updates to Everflow.

  • The Webhook Params for both the Traffic Source & Buyer Conversions must be modified to change the (everflow_ network_id here; to your Everflow Network ID.

You MUST keep the webhook parameters for:

  • nid - Your numeric value of Network ID from Everflow.

  • transaction id - Parsed from Click URL and used in both the Traffic Source and Buyer Conversion updates to Everflow.

  • amount - Only keep this Webhook param if keeping Revenue and Payout in TrackDrive.

  • event (only for the Buyer Conversion URL) - This is kept in the Buyer ID on TrackDrive.

  • For Click tracking webhook, you may append sub1-sub5 parameters to pass Partner values

  • For Conversion tracking webhook, you may append adv1-adv5 parameters to pass the values from TrackDrive

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