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Integrations: Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate)
Integrations: Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate)

Learn how to integrate your Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) Reporting to track within Everflow.

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The integration between Everflow Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) works by syncing transaction data between the two platforms.

At a high level:

  1. Everflow fetches sales data from your CJ account. This includes details on each transaction like purchase amount, date, etc.

  2. For every CJ transaction that contains an Everflow transaction ID in the tracking pixel, Everflow creates a matching conversion in our system.

  3. This enables Everflow to record commissions and provide reporting on CJ transaction activity that originated from Everflow-tracked campaigns and links.


Setting Up An Advertiser

First, you need to create an Advertiser that will be associated with the CJ Integration. This Advertiser will be used to manage and track the CJ offers within the Everflow platform.

  • Navigate to Advertisers - Add.

  • Fill out the new Advertiser's information.

  • You can learn more about the purpose
    of each section by clicking on the ? icon.

[Click here for more info Getting Started - Advertiser Setup]

Setting Up An Offer

As was mentioned, the Advertiser you just created will be used to manage and track the CJ offers within the Everflow platform.

  • Navigate to Offers > Add.

  • Fill out required fields, including a recently created Advertiser dedicated to CJ.

  • Configure the Base Destination URL: For CJ offers, the Base Destination URL needs to have a specific format. It should be structured as follows:

  • Save your new Offer when done.

Adding Commission Junction

To connect your Commission Junction account Reporting, navigate to Integrations > E-Commerce, then click Connect Integration for Commission Junction.

You will need four key pieces of information: Name, your Commission Junction ID, Publisher ID, and Authentication Token (a CJ personal access token).

*The Start Date is optional.

Getting Your CJ PID

Your PID is the unique ID that Everflow uses to connect with your Commission Junction account. Here's how to find it:

  1. Log into your CJ Affiliate Portal.

  2. To find your PID(s), navigate to the Account > Websites tab. This was formerly called the Website ID.

DON'T CONFUSE: The ID shown in your CJ account header is NOT your PID.

This number is your CJ Account ID, which is different from your PID. Do NOT use this Account ID number when setting up the integration.

Finding The Publisher ID

  • Your Publisher ID is also your CID.

    • Your CJ CID or Company ID is your account number.

    • This is a unique number that differentiates an advertiser or publisher’s account from other CJ accounts.

    • This number is located in the upper right-hand corner of your CJ account next to your username.

Creating a CJ Personal Access Token

You will also need to generate a personal access token in CJ:

  1. Log into the CJ Affiliate Developer Portal

  2. In the left sidebar, click on "Personal Access Token" (under Authentication)

  3. Enter a descriptive name for the token and click "Register"

  4. Copy the generated token - this is your CJ personal access token.

Once you have your CJ PID and personal access token, you can add your CJ account as a traffic source in Everflow.

Simply enter those credentials when prompted and your CJ data will start syncing with your Everflow account.

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