Kochava MMP Integration Guide

This guide will walk you through the process for setting up your mobile conversion tracking with Kochava.

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UPDATE (April 9, 2021): Beginning April 20, 2021, Kochava will require one of the following parameter/value combinations to be passed in all tracking links:

In-App Traffic

Mobile Web Traffic




The correct value should be determined by the traffic source. To read more about these requirements - [Click Here]

Setting up Kochava is handled on their side. All you will need to do is send the following PDF to Kochava (their contact email is included in the PDF) after making the following adjustments:

  • Add your company details at beginning.

  • Add your Advertiser Postback URL in the 'endpoint section. For more instructions on how to get this Postback - [Advertiser Postback Guide]

Kochava Integration PDF - [Access Here]

  • Please replace [insert_conversion_domain] in the endpoints fields here:

  • You will find the domain to use there in your account in the Control Center > Platform Configurations section here:

The postback domain in this example is http://tracking2-test.eflow.team for which the whole endpoint with this example would as follows:

Install Postback endpoint: http://tracking2-test.eflow.team

Event Postback endpoint: http://tracking2-test.eflow.team

Keep in mind that your domain will be different and unique to your account, the one listed above is just an example.

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