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Tracking data from Webflow to Everflow
Tracking data from Webflow to Everflow

Tracking data from Webflow to Everflow

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This guide will demonstrate how to place code inside Webflow to track a lead submission event in Everflow.

How to Set Up in Everflow

Step #1

  • Using your website as the Base Destination URL, add the Offer in Everflow.

  • Make sure the offer has these settings on the Tracking & Controls page:

Step #2

  • Grab the JS code from the bottom of the Offer page in Everflow. Copy it to a clipboard as that will be your "Click" script.

Step #3

  • Click the Conversion tab, and grab that code, too. Copy it to a clipboard as that will be your "Conversion" script:

How to Set Up in Webflow

Step #1

  • Login to your Webflow account and click the three dots, as shown below. Then click Settings.

Step #2

  • Navigate to the Custom Code section and paste the code into the Head Code section here:

  • **Please note - You may have to upgrade you package to place custom code. This is not available with free plans.

Step #3

  • Click on the Designer button here:

Step #4

  • Navigate to the page where the form is located. Then, click on the form block element, like this:

  • Then, click on the cog icon on the right side of the screen:

  • Then, click Success. This will show the success element in the editor section like this:

Step #5

  • Once you see this page, you need to click and drag in a <embed> element into that section:

  • Once you see the Custom Code box, paste the conversion script there:

  • Click Save & Close.

Step #6

  • The page should look like the example below. If it does, then click the Publish button, then click Publish to selected domains.


  • Below is the custom JavaScript snippet from the end of the video at the beginning of the article:

function logsubmit() {
const form_elements = form.elements;
const form_name = form_elements['name'].value;
const form_email = form_elements['email'].value;
offer_id: 'INSERT_OFFER_ID',
adv1: form_name,
adv2: form_email,
const form = document.getElementById('email-form');
form.addEventListener('submit', logsubmit);

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