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How to sync your SMSEdge account with Everflow

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This integration syncs your SMSEdge account with Everflow so that your Offers will feed into SMSEdge, and any SMSEdge conversions will be displayed in Everflow reporting.

Please note that you must have an account with SMSEdge prior to completing this integration. For a 50€ coupon with your first 50€ deposit, use coupon code: EVERFLOW

Step #1

  • Login to SMSEdge and click Integrations.

Step #2

  • Under Everflow, click the Integration Settings button.

Step #3

  • Request your network API Key from your Account Manager or the Chat Support team.

  • Then, enter it into SMSEdge.

Step #4

  • Offers will now be shown in SMSEdge within the Campaign Builder area.

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