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Prevent fraudulent clicks with Clickshield from 24metrics

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Clickshield's integration with Everflow provides extra fraud detection and prevention.

  1. A Clickshield integration requires integration with 24metrics. For a complete guide on integrating 24metrics with Everflow - [Click Here]

  2. Everflow passes click details to Clickshield in real-time.

  3. Clickshield determines whether the click looks fraudulent and sends the fraud value back to Everflow.

  4. Everflow marks the click as valid and sends the user to the expected landing page, or the click is determined invalid and the user is blocked or redirected.

How To Setup

Step 1

  • Choose the domain that you will use to pass click details from Everflow into Clickshield. Please note this domain needs to be used exclusively for the Clickshield integration - it will stop working for conversions.

  • Choose the domain that you will use to pass fraud levels from Clickshield to Everflow. This domain can be used with other offers as a tracking and/or conversion domain.

  • If you would like an additional domain added to your Everflow account, please reach out to Customer Success in-platform Chat or by emailing .

Step 2

  • During the 24Metrics integration process, you will need to input your Everflow API key.

  • Once that is done you will see a list of domains in your 24Metrics login. Select the domains you have chosen in Step 1.

Step 3

  • 24Metrics will provide you with DNS instructions for both domains.

  • If you own the domains, you will need to implement the instructions.

  • If the domains are owned by Everflow, please send the instructions to your Account Manager or to the Customer Support team.


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