This article outlines how to track data from Konnektive in Everflow. This includes guides for setting up your campaign, as well as postback URLs in the Konnektive platform, in addition to setting up the Offer accordingly and testing it in Everflow.

The integration guide below is for redirect traffic only. If you would like to use direct linking with either FunnelKonnekt or Konnektive, please see this documentation written by them.


Setting up the campaign in Konnektive

Step #1

Log in to your Konnektive account. Then, set up a campaign and new affiliate. For more detailed instructions on this, please refer to Konnektive.

Step #2

After you have set up a campaign and an affiliate, make sure that the affiliate is added to the campaign. Then, navigate to CRM > Affiliates, and click on the Edit button for the desired affiliate.

Step #3

Copy the Tracking String from their page.


Setting Up the Offer in Everflow

Step #1

Click on Offers > Add.

Please note: Coupon Codes do not work with Konnektive.

Step #2

For the Base Destination URL, use the landing page that you've integrated with Konnektive, and append their tracking string.


Landing Page: https://www.yourdomain.com/

Tracking String: ?affId=56789&c1=[c1]&c2=[c2]&c3=[c3]

Add it to Everflow as the Base Destination as shown below.


Please note the value passed in the {transaction_id} macro is a mandatory value. Feel free to replace {optional} with any data points that you want passed back to Everflow.

On the Tracking & Controls page, make sure to select Server Postback as the Conversion Method.

Step #3

When you are done setting up and adding the offer, copy the postback URL from the offer page.


Setting up your Postback URL in Konnektive

Step #1

Go back to Konnektive and go to CRM > Affiliates, and click on the Edit button for the desired affiliate. Then, click the Pixels tab.

Step #2

Click the + button, and set up the pixel as shown below. Be sure to select the pixel type: Postback. Then, click Create Pixel.


Testing the Pixel in Everflow

Navigate to Offers - Manage > Click on the offer > Tracking Links tab. From here, copy an Advertiser Test Tracking Link. Paste it into your browser and generate a conversion to confirm it fires to Everflow.



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