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Direct Linking vs. Traditional Redirect Linking
Direct Linking vs. Traditional Redirect Linking

Quick guide for choosing between Direct Linking and Traditional Redirects

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Each Offer must be configured with a particular Conversion Method. Essentially, the Conversion Method is the way in which conversions are tracked from the website or app to Everflow.

Typically, Everflow Users utilize one of the following solutions for conversion tracking:

Direct Linking Using Javascript Software Development Kit (SDK):
Direct Linking enables you to track a user's click when they reach your landing page without requiring a click on an Everflow Tracking Link.

Traditional Redirect Using Server Postback:
Traditional redirects rely on a server-to-server connection for recording conversions and events based on a unique transaction ID that is generated for each user's click.

Choosing Your Conversion Tracking Method

Use Case For Direct Linking:

If you are doing media buys on Facebook or Google Ads, or working with branded content, you will want to use Direct Linking for your campaigns. It allows users to go straight to your page without being redirected after their initial click (which is forbidden on these major media buying platforms).

By tracking users from the moment they land on your site, you'll gain valuable insights about their engagement, attribute conversions to the right channels, and be able to make informed decisions towards scaling your marketing initiatives.

How Direct Linking Traffic Benefits You

  • Outdated tracking methods using redirects and third-party cookies are now blocked by major browsers. Direct linking offers reliable tracking without the privacy concerns or reporting discrepancies, ensuring a better user experience.

  • Imagine the growth potential when tracking and attributing all channels, including Google Ads and top social platforms, seamlessly in one dashboard.

  • With consolidated performance reporting, direct linking lets you make data-driven decisions to enhance campaigns instantly, opening new avenues for your business.

For more information about choosing a conversion method - [Click Here]

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