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Navigation Shortcuts

Learn easy tips and shortcuts for navigating the Everflow Portal as quickly and smoothly as possible

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The Everflow platform has been designed to be navigated with ease and fluidity. However, sometimes users are unaware of tools and shortcuts that can make it even easier than they realize.

This guide points out some navigational tools and shortcuts to make getting around the platform quickly and easily.

Search Shortcut

You can search the portal for offers, partners, transaction IDs, contact information and more.

Either click the magnifying glass in the left menu bar, or use the following keyboard shortcut to access the search feature:

Apple: Command + K

Windows: Control + K

Search Tracking Link Encoded Values

Partner Tracking Links include encoded values to represent the Offer ID and Partner ID.

Plug these values into the search tool using the shortcut above to find the offer and partner that the tracking link is associated with.

Easy Scrolling For Reports

You can easily scroll vertically and horizontally through report details without using your mouse or touchpad.

Simply use your arrows on your keyboard!

Quick API Call Access

You can find the API calls for various requests within the Portal. This includes most features and overviews found under Offers, Partners and Advertisers, as well as any reporting or analytics tools.

For example:

  • Overview of Advertisers (Advertisers > Manage, shown below)

  • Overview of Partner Invoices (Partners > Invoices)

  • Overview of Smartlinks (Offers > Smartlinks)

  • Offer Report (Reporting > Offer, see Using Filters)

Just click the vertical dots in the

top right corner and select Show API Request.

Using Filters

Please note that if you use filters when building your overview or report, those filters will be included in the API request.

If there is a page for which you would like to set up an API Call but this easy-access feature is not available, please reach out to Customer Success.

Performance Graph Highlighting

Many reports include a Performance Graph, which you can view specific portions of more granularly if you wish.

Simply click and drag over a specific time period.

Viewing Details in New Tab

Many pages will lead you to click on an item that leads you to another page. You may not want to completely leave the page you are on, but rather open a new tab so you may easily click back and forth.

To view a page in a new tab, simply hover over the clickable item and click the icon that appears (box with arrow).

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