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Keap Integration (formerly Infusionsoft)
How to use Email Attribution to send event data from Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) to Everflow
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Using Email Attribution, click and conversion scripts can be built into the forms used on your website to fire information from Keap to Everflow. This guide will explain how to send this event data between platforms.

For more about Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) - [Click Here]

Step #1

Set up the Offer in Everflow, including any relevant events. For more on setting up Events - [Click Here]

When setting up the Offer, be sure to:

  • Under Tracking & Controls, use Direct Linking.

  • Under Attribution, enable Email Ownership, and select the one you're tracking in Keap as the Associated Event. In this example, the base event is a Purchase.

Step #2

Copy the script from the Offer page. Keep this code handy as you will need to paste it into Keap soon.

For the EF.conversion script, we recommend selecting Advertiser ID (instead of Offer ID) as the identifier.

Click Edit Optional Parameters, and select the desired event from the dropdown (Purchase) and fill in your macro for email (~Contact.Email~).

Copy the EF.conversion script and keep it handy as you will need to paste it into Keap soon.

Step #3

In Keap, click Campaign Builder and select Add a Campaign. Then, you may name your campaign.

Step #4

Under Goals, drag Web Form Submitted over to the right side. Then, click on the icon to select View and edit.

Step #5

Click the Snippets tab. Drag the HTML snippet to the area below. Then, paste the script. Save.

Step #6

Next, click the Thank You Page tab, then Snippets.

Step #7

Drag the HTML snippet to the area below. Then, paste the EF.conversion script and be sure to check that the proper macro for Email is included in the code. Save.

Step #8

Turn on the toggle labeled "Draft" to "Ready."

Step #9

Click Publish.

Step #10

Go back to the Edit screen, and then click the Code tab. Copy the Javascript Snippet and paste it onto your website.


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