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Ability to Hide Tracking, Smart and Impression Links in the Partner Portal
Ability to Hide Tracking, Smart and Impression Links in the Partner Portal

Removing partner visibility of tracking links in Partner portal

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This feature will allow you to hide tracking links from the Partner portal, so that Partners cannot pull these links by themselves. 

Three types of links can be hidden from the partner's view, namely the Offer Tracking Link, Offer Impression Link, and Smart Link

  • You can control these settings in Control Center - Configuration > Global Settings. These global settings will apply across all Offers, Smart Links, and Partners.

What Partners see in their portal when this feature is enabled:

Offer Tracking and Impression Link - Within the tracking links tab, the disabled link card (either Tracking Link card or Impression Link card) will not be visible. In the case that both the click and impression links are hidden, Partners will not have a Tracking Links tab on each Offer.

Smart Link - Within the Smart Link section, Partners will not see the Tracking Link tab when the feature is enabled. If there are no active Smart Link setups for this Partner, the entire Smart Link section will be hidden from the left side menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Hiding these links does not make the links inactive. To deactivate a link, you must change the offer status to Inactive, or adjust the offer visibility to block traffic from specific partners. 


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