This article will show you how to see impression data in Everflow and send the data to your Advertiser.

View-Through Attribution and Impression Tracking can be enabled in your account upon request - please contact the Customer Success Team.

Once enabled, here is how to implement each:

1). Impression Tracking

Impression tracking is the ability to see impression data in Everflow. In order to see this from the traffic source you need to have them send their impression traffic through another link or pixel from Everflow. You can pull a Partner's impression tracking link by going to Offers > Manage > Click the Offer > Tracking Links tab > on the bottom left there is a section called "Impression Tracking Links". Click that to generate the links for impression tracking. *Please note* you can select "HTML" if you want to generate a pixel.

This will make the column in reporting called "Imp" populate with data.

2). View-Through Attribution

View-Through Attribution is the second part where you send impression data to the Advertiser. In order to do this, you need to get an impression tracking link from the Advertiser and implement it on the Offer level in the "Attribution" Tab. Targeting will affect impression tags when View Through is Enabled. This could lead to impressions not firing into Everflow.

Please go to Offers > Manage > Click the Offer > Edit > Attribution tab.

You can place their impression tracking link here. *Please note* you can append all kinds of macros to this link, the same way you can with the click tracking link (Base Destination URL):

Once you place their link here, you are all set to pass impressions back to them.

Please note that if a Partner is not approved on an Offer, the impression link will not show in reporting. 

PRO TIP: If you use the macro: {impression_transaction_id} in the Base Destination URL, you can see the latest Impression Transaction ID associated to the click (I.e. If you run an impression and then click on the same Offer, the Impression Transaction ID will be passed in the Base Destination URL).

When an impression is generated, we store the Impression ID in the cookie so that when the User clicks on an ad, we can grab the Impression ID from the cookie. This means that if the impression occurs in a non-cookie environment, such as in-app, the {impression_transaction_id} macro will not be populated.


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