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Reporting & Analytics Features
Reporting & Analytics Features

Guide to navigating and using Reporting and Analytics

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Reporting Features

A pulldown selector allows you to change the timezone and currency used in the report.

Click the vertical dots to:

Save the report, so you can load it at a later time.

Load a report you have previously saved.

Schedule a report to be sent via email.

Request a report that is too large to download.

Copy Link to Report to share with other Network Users.

Show API Request of the report in order to copy the exact call in order to pull the same data via the API.

User Direct Message will create a recipient list of all Partners who are currently running the Offers down in the details of the report.


  • Click the funnel icon to view all filters in one easy-to-view section.

  • You must click Run Report to update the report with added or removed filters.


  • The two metrics displayed in the graph can be updated using the pulldown menu on the top right of the graph.

Detailed Report


  • The Parent/Child Name and vertical dots are sticky on either side of each row

  • Table Actions

    Click the vertical dots to:

    • Export the table as a CSV or JSON

    • Customize Columns to include or remove specific metrics


  • Many columns, such as Clicks and Total CV, have the option to click a button to see a click/conversion report in a new tab.

  • Inv. Clicks displays a graph with the error message to explain why the click was determined Invalid.

Updates to Variance Report (Analytics > Variance)

The Variance Report allows you to compare your performance across two different time periods and see increases/decreases for each metric.

  • The graph displays the variance of the metric selected.

  • You can toggle between % or # to display percentages or amounts in the Detailed Report.


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