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Ringba Pay-Per-Call Integration
Ringba Pay-Per-Call Integration
How to track your Ringba call and revenue data in Everflow
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Updated - Hotfix 3.3.0 (May 2023): To initiate an integration with Ringba, you must contact the Customer Success team and provide their API token. Once Ringba Campaigns and Publishers are mapped to Everflow Offers and Partners, Everflow automatically displays all mappable Ringba Publishers and Campaign Names for selection. [Click Here]

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Everflow currently supports a limited integration with Ringba to track your call and revenue data in Everflow. This article outlines the simple processes which allow Ringba events to be fired into Everflow and therefore be made available in reporting.

Setup Summary: Ringba

To facilitate this limited integration, be sure that

  • you have a Ringba account,

  • you place Ringba's Javascript tag on your landing page allowing Ringba to receive your impression data. In order to do this, you will need to set up a campaign with an associated attached Number Pool. When a user reaches the landing page, the call tracking process will initiate.

  • you implement the Everflow Conversion Postback and Event Postbacks in Ringba.

Step-By-Step: Everflow

Step#1 - Initiate Integration

Reach out to Everflow's Customer Success Team and provide your Ringba API token and Ringba Account ID to initiate the integration.

Step #2 - Offer Setup

Create an Offer in Everflow, and add all Events that you are tracking in Ringba.

Be sure to select Server Postback as the Conversion Method.

The Base Destination URL should be the same landing page where you placed Ringba's JavaScript tag, and must include {transaction_id}. For example:{transaction_id}

Step #3 - Postback Implementation

Implement the Everflow Conversion Postback and Event Postbacks in Ringba.

Step #4 - Campaign/Publisher Mapping

Once we have confirmed the integration is complete, you can map Ringba campaigns and publishers to Everflow Offers and Partners. The Ringba publishers and campaign names will be automatically displayed in Everflow.

You must make a selection at the Offer level:

And, you must make a selection at the Partner level:

Then, the integrated phone number will be displayed on the Offer in the Partner Portal:

If you have a long list of campaigns to be mapped, please let us know so our engineering team can help.


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