First Touch Attribution

Attribute the conversion to the Partner who drove the first click, instead of the Partner who drove the last click before the conversion.

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By default, Everflow attributes a conversion to the last click or impression to come into the system. Depending on your program preference or an Advertiser request, you may select First Touch Attribution at the Advertiser or Offer level.

Please note that the industry standard is typically last touch attribution, not first.

How It Works

The First Touch Attribution Method uses cookie-based tracking. When the first click (or impression) happens, a cookie is set and will remain active for up to 90 days (the lifetime of the cookie), or until it is cleared from the browser. If the cookie is still present at the time a conversion takes place, we will identify the originating Partner (via the cookie), and attribute the conversion to that Partner. This happens even if the most recent click or impression was delivered by a different Partner.

With Last Touch Attribution (default), the conversion will be attributed to the last Partner to drive the consumer to your site or Offer (via click or impression).


Advertiser Level

  • When adding or editing an Advertiser, you will find this setting on the General tab.

Offer Level

  • When adding or editing an Offer, you will find this setting on the Attribution tab.

Please note that you must have selected Cookie Based or Javascript as the Conversion Method on the Tracking & Controls tab in order to save First Touch as the Attribution Method.


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