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How to Adjust Conversion Revenue, Payout and Sale Amounts
How to Adjust Conversion Revenue, Payout and Sale Amounts

How to Adjust Revenue, Payout & Sale Amount from Reporting

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This feature will let you update the revenue, payout and sale amount associated with a conversion or event.

You should use this method if you are making updates to only a few conversions or events. Refer to the end of this guide for help with bulk updates and adjustments.

  • You can find this feature in Reporting - Conversions and Reporting - Events.

A How-To Guide

Step #1

  • Run a conversion report and identify the conversion that you wish to update.

  • You can also get to the conversion/event list by running an Offer/Advertiser/Partner Report and clicking on the number under the CV/Event column.

Step #2

  • Click on the three vertical dots button on the far right of the conversion and select either Adjust Revenue & Payout or Adjust Sale Amount.

Step #3

  • Enter the new amounts and click Save.

  • If you are adjusting an Event, verify the Event Name. Then enter the amount and click Save.

Upon saving, changes will take a few minutes to reflect in reporting.

Additional Methods for Adding Conversions

If you have a long list of conversions to update, do it via a CSV upload - [Click Here]

If you would like to add a small number of conversions in the Portal, with or without Transaction IDs - [Click Here]

If you wish to make a top-level payout adjustment, not to individual conversions - [Click Here]

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