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Integrations: WooCommerce

Covering the JavaScript code and process for setting up Conversion Tracking with WooCommerce

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IMPORTANT *It is not recommended that you try to complete this setup without instruction from the Everflow team or from your own dev team. Failure to place the code correctly could result in your whole website going down.

Step #1

Connect Your Store

In order to begin setting up the WooCommerce Integration you will need to navigate to Integrations. On the E-Commerce tab, find WooCommerce and click Connect Integration.

Click [+ Add] in the top right corner.

You will need to enter some information from your WooCommerce and WordPress accounts.

The Shop Domain is the URL of your WordPress admin and your WooCommerce store. For example:

Copy your store domain. In this example, the domain is:

You will also need your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. To access these, navigate to the WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced tab inside your WordPress account:

Click Add key.

Enter a Description and User, and select Read/Write under Permissions. Then, Generate API Key.

Finally, the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and QRCode are available.

Step #2

Placing the Click Script

For the click setup, please add the "Header and Footer" plugin found here.

Copy the Click Script from the Setup Instructions and paste it into the Scripts in footer box of the Header and Footer plugin.

You can get to the Footer section inside the Header and Footer plugin by navigating to Settings > Header and Footer Scripts in your WordPress account:

Step #3

Generating the Conversion Script

Select an Advertiser from the dropdown in the Step 2 of the Setup Instructions:

Next you will need to choose whether you want to track a Conversion per Order or a Conversion per SKU. You will need to track a Conversion per SKU if you want to set custom Payouts by product.

Step #4

Placing the Conversion Script

Click the "this page" link in point 3 under Step 2 to go straight to the functions.php file. You can also navigate to Appearance > Theme File Editor > functions.php to access this file.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and place the code, like this:

Click Update File at the bottom of the screen:

You will now be able to track Orders from your WooCommerce store.


For refund reporting, navigate to Reporting - Refunds. For more information - [Click Here]

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