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Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager
Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager

How to set up conversion tracking using GTM

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This article will explain how to implement conversion tracking with GTM as it relates to the following:

  • Tracking Conversions from your Advertiser Landing page to Everflow

  • Tracking Conversions from Everflow to your Partner

Tracking Conversions: Advertiser Landing Page to Everflow

This setup will involve placing the Offer/Advertiser Pixel/JS SDK in GTM, and then placing the GTM Container code on the Advertiser/Offer Landing page.

When adding your advertiser or offer pixel to a GTM tag, you will need to use the iframe, javascript, or image pixel. A postback will not work with the below guide.

Step #1

Once the offer is created in Everflow with your site as the Base Destination URL, place either the global or offer-level pixel as an iframe, javascript, or image pixel in GTM.

Step #2

In GTM, set up a new container or edit an existing container, and add a 'New Tag':

Please note that the GTM container code will be placed within the code of your site

Step #3

Name the tag, then edit the 'Tag Configuration'.


Choose the type of tag you would like to add within the 'Custom' section.

Step #5

Add the Pixel.

Step #6

Set up the following.

Trigger - This is a rule upon which to fire the tag, such as a click or conversion.

Variables - You have the ability to pass values from the advertiser back into Everflow using the tags using default or custom GTM variables.

User-defined variables - The advertiser would need to create a user-defined variable, and be able to track and store those values, either locally or in the cookie, so that they may be passed back.

This is where you set up the transaction id, if desired. By default, you don’t need the transaction id if you are using cookie-based tracking, so we will still match the click and conversion based on the cookie.

ADV values - These values can be added to the Pixel placed in GTM to be passed back when a pixel is fired.

Tracking Conversions: Everflow to Partner

This method allows you to fire conversions from Everflow to a Partner's system by placing the GTM Container container code in Everflow as a Partner postback and placing the actual partner postback in GTM.

Navigate to Partners - Postback > Add Postback. Set the Delivery Method to HTML, and insert both the Head and Body event codes as HTML code:

The GTM Head and Body event codes can be found in your GTM Workspace by clicking on the container ID.

Note: Rules setup in the Partner's GTM account on when to fire the Partner ixel may affect if the pixel reached GTM. We suggest that you not use Rules.

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