Coupon Code Tracking URLs

How to track performance simply using the Advertiser's domain and a special coupon code unique to each Partner.

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Coupon Code Tracking URLs provides a powerful tracking method which redirects users to your Base Destination URL. Since the Coupon Code Tracking URL is formatted in a way that is easily communicated, either verbally or visually, this is a great way to drive performance from Partners using platforms that don't allow obvious tracking links, such as Instagram or other video content.

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For a guide on tracking clickless conversions using Coupon Codes - [Click Here]

How the Coupon Code Works

When you create a new Coupon Code, we automatically create an optional Coupon Code Tracking URL with that code. Whenever a user visits that URL, they are tracked as a click and are redirected to your Base Destination URL. Performance will be tracked to the Partner and Offer assigned to that Coupon Code.


Tracking Domain:
Base Destination URL:

  1. You create two Coupon Codes: insta1, snapdog

  2. You assign these Coupon Codes to Partners 1 and 2, respectively.
    Partner 1 can send traffic to:
    Partner 2 can send traffic to:

  3. When the Partners send traffic to those URLs, the users will automatically be redirected to the Base Destination URL:

  4. Based on the Coupon Code in the initial URL used on the Click, Conversions are attributed to the assigned Partner and Offer.

How to Create and Locate Coupon Code Tracking URLs

Before getting started, please note that we recommend using a custom tracking domain for Coupon Code URLs. Using a domain which hosts brand content puts the entire domain at risk if it gets flagged, so it is best to choose a domain with a similar name instead. Please reach out to the Customer Success team if you need a custom domain purchased or added to your account.

  • To create the Coupon Code portion, navigate to Partners - Coupon Codes, then click + Coupon Code.
    This value will take the place of the encoded Partner ID and Offer ID.

Please note: If you do not select a start/end date, then we will honor the Coupon Code indefinitely. If a start/end date are selected, the Coupon Code URL will only function as a tracking link if used between those dates.

*Important Formatting Notes*

  • Must be more than 2 characters

  • Only alpha numeric characters are allowed

  • No spaces

  • NOT case-sensitive

To access your Coupon Code Tracking URLs, click the link icon on the far right side of the row. Then, you may copy the URL from the pop-up.

Reporting for Conversions with Coupon Codes

You can see conversions attributed to Coupon Codes on the Conversion Report.

  • To add this column, navigate to Reporting - Conversion.

  • Click the Columns button to add Coupon Code.

You can also see Coupon Code performance in the Analytics - Flex report.

As these Coupon Codes are also attributed to Clicks, you can view these on a Click Report (Reporting - Click) by adding the Coupon Code column, as well as in top-level reporting such as the Offer, Partner and Advertiser Reports. When looking at a top-level report, expand the reporting data, then click on the Offer/Partner/Advertiser for which you would like to see a click list. Once the list is generated, you may add the Coupon Code column.

Partner Access

Once a Coupon Code has been created for an Offer a Partner is approved for, Coupon Codes will appear as a menu item in the Partner Portal. Here, the Partner can access Coupon Code Tracking URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to set up these URLs for this to work?

    No. Everflow automatically generates these destination pages on top of your existing tracking domain, and then redirects the user to your Offer's Base Destination URL.

  • Do I need to use Direct Linking for this to work?

    No. The tracking process starts on the re-direct, so you don't need a Direct Linking setup. Direct Linking does not work with Coupon Code Tracking Links.

  • Since this method uses an immediate auto-redirect, will there be issues with Facebook, Google, and other platforms that don't allow redirects?

    Possibly. This method would risk being flagged by these platforms. For these platforms, we recommend using Direct Linking. The Coupon Code Tracking URL is recommended for social channels like youtube that need an easy way to promote offers using a clear type in destination.

  • Does this work with SmartSwitch, Targeting Rules, and Anti-Fraud Tools?

    Yes. Everflow will check each user to make sure they meet all of your set SmartSwitch and Targeting rules before delivering them to the Offer.


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