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CartHook Integration w/ Shopify (Legacy)
CartHook Integration w/ Shopify (Legacy)

How to track purchases in Everflow from Carthook, and a code sample to be used for integration.

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This guide will demonstrate how to set up an Offer in Everflow to be used with a CartHook integration, and how to track the sale by placing Everflow code in Carthook. If you need a more advanced setup and want to track each individual upsell event, please reach out to for assistance.
*Note* This integration is now "legacy" which means that any new CartHook Shopify integrations use a new native version of the app. The below documentation is irrelevant for the native version.

Setting up the Offer in Everflow

Step #1
First, follow the steps to connect the relevant Shopify accounts. For more information about setting up and connecting Shopify accounts - [Click Here]

Step #2

Navigate to Offers - Add to add a new Offer. Use the Shopify store URL as the Base Destination URL.

Be sure to turn on Direct Linking and select HTTPS iframe Pixel (with Transaction ID) as the Conversion Method on the Tracking & Controls tab.


Connecting CartHook to Everflow

Step #1

Make sure the Shopify store is integrated in CartHook.

Step #2

Create your funnel. Then, select Global Code from the drop-down in the upper right corner.

Step #3

Use the following code, and replace the placeholders as shown below.

var amount = window.chData.order.subtotal_price;
var adv2 = [];
for (i=0; i < window.chData.order.line_items.length; i++) {
adv2.push(window.chData.order.line_items[i].quantity, window.chData.order.line_items[i].sku)

(function() {
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.type = "text/javascript";
script.src = "https://INSERT_YOUR_DOMAIN/scripts/sdk/everflow.js";
script.onload = function() {
amount: amount,
order_id: window.chData.order.order_id,
adv1: window.chData.order.order_number,
adv2: adv2,
parameters: {
'email': window.chData.order.customer ? : ''
  • INSERT_ADVERTISER_ID - Replace with the Advertiser ID that owns the Offer. Example: For the Advertiser "Happy Hour (2)" you would use "aid: 2,"

  • INSERT_YOUR_DOMAIN: Replace with the tracking domain on the Offer.

Step #4

Place the code in CartHook.

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