Advertiser IP/Domain Whitelisting

How to implement Whitelists to block conversions from unknown IPs or domains

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IP or domain Whitelists add an extra layer of security against fraudulent activity. The Conversion IP is the IP of the server that fires the conversion. By whitelisting them you will only receive conversions coming from your advertiser and block conversions that were received from unknown origins.

Please note: Whitelisting IPs or domains essentially blocks conversions from any other IPs or domains.

Creating a Whitelist

Step #1

  • Navigate to Advertisers - Manage, and then click on the Advertiser for which you want to create a Whitelist.

Step #2

  • Click the Edit button on the IPs Whitelist or Domains Whitelist card.

Step #3

IP Whitelist

  • Add or edit entries here using a single line for each IP address. Remember to Save.

Domain Whitelist

  • Add or edit entries here using a single line for each domain AND remember to Save.
    Please note that only the root domain needs to be whitelisted, NOT the sub + root domain. See example below.

Sub + Root Domain (NO)

Root Domain (YES)

Step #4

  • In order for the advertiser IP or domain whitelist to be enforced on an offer you must edit the Tracking & Control section of the offer and toggle on Enforce Advertiser Whitelist. This setting is turned off by default, and must be turned on after the creation of the whitelist for it to be enforced.

  • Remember to Save.

  • To activate this setting for multiple offers at once, you can edit in bulk. Simply navigate to Offers - Manage, then click the vertical dots to Bulk Edit.

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