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Shopify Integration Guide for Advertisers
Shopify Integration Guide for Advertisers

Connect the Everflow app automatically to Shopify stores and install the click and conversion tracking setup.

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This guide will walk you through the Shopify integration as an Advertiser, which automatically sets up click and conversion tracking with your store.

  • Please note that you will need an Advertiser login to Everflow (login email and password) to complete the integration.

  • For connecting to a Shopify store owned by an Everflow client - [Click Here]

A How-To Guide

Step #1

  • In the Shopify App Store, go to the Everflow App and click Add App to begin the integration.

Please note: As an Advertiser, you will not be charged for using the integration.

Step #2

  • You will be prompted to log in to Shopify. Enter the custom domain of your Shopify store (the part before

  • Then, you will need to login with your email address if you haven't already.

Step #3

  • Click the Install app button.

Step #4

  • Input the Everflow network identifier provided by the Everflow client, which can be found in the URL for their platform login. Then, click the Complete Installation button.

Step #5

  • Once you are successfully connected, click the Access Integration button. You will be taken to the login screen of the Everflow portal.

Step #6

  • Log in to your Advertiser account in Everflow. Once you are logged in, the app integration is completed.

Step #7

  • To check that the app is successfully installed, in Shopify, please go to Apps and look for Everflow under Installed Apps.

Step #8 - This step is for the Everflow client.

  • Please follow Step #7 and #8 of this article to complete the implementation of the click and conversion tags.

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