Here we will outline the most common method for setting up an offer wall or listicle in Everflow. Please note that the examples are using traditional redirect tracking links - not direct linking. The concept, however, is the same for direct linking.

**Please note that general knowledge of coding with HTML and JavaScript is required to complete this process.


General Concept and Reporting

The offer wall / listicle will exist as one offer, while each offer within that offer wall / listicle will also exist as individual offers. In reporting, you will see the clicks that are going to the offer wall / listicle as well as the clicks to each of those individual offers.


Code Example

To be placed on the offer wall / listicle page:

<a href="XXX" id="button-1"><button>Button 1</button></a><br><br>
<a href="XXX" id="button-2"><button>Button 2</button></a><br><br>
<a href="XXX" id="button-3"><button>Button 3</button></a><br><br>

window.onload = function() {
var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
var encodedValue = urlParams.get('encoded_value');


Step #1

The buttons within the HTML need to have the appropriate IDs or class names. If you use a class name, you will need to associate document.getElementByClassName instead of document.getElementById to them to make them "selectable" within the JavaScript. In the example, see "button-1", "button-2", and "button-3" here.

We will be using the JavaScript to replace the href="" value with the partner tracking link we create dynamically inside the script section.

Step #2

Set the offer's Base Destination URL of the offer wall / listicle offer with the following parameters and macros appended:

?encoded_value={affiliate_encoded_id} or &encoded_value={affiliate_encoded_id}

Step #3

Grab the Encoded Value for each of the individual offers from the Offers - Manage > Select the Offer > General card and insert it where it says {INSERT_OFFER_ENCODED_VALUE} in the code snippet above.

Additionally, you will need to replace {INSERT_YOUR_TRACKING_DOMAIN} with the tracking domain found on the same page in the conversion method section here.

Step #4

To test, generate a tracking link for the offer wall / listicle offer and then click a button on the offer wall / listicle page to make sure it redirects to the correct offer. You will see a click for the offer wall / listicle offer as well as the individual offer.



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