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Domestic Affiliate/Partner Steps to Complete Everflow Pay Payee Accounts
Domestic Affiliate/Partner Steps to Complete Everflow Pay Payee Accounts

Helpful guide for you and your partners to set up your affiliates/partners with Everflow Pay

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Everflow Pay's Affiliate/Partner set up is super simple and only has a few steps!

Once Everflow Pay has been enabled as the "Payment Method" in the Partner's billing settings a banner will appear on the affiliate's/partner's login dashboard.

To complete the Payee account set up, Affiliates/Partners need to complete these steps:

  1. Click the "Configure" button on the dashboard banner.

  2. Complete the Phone Verification.

  3. Input the requested details.

  • Once these steps are completed, a Penny Test is triggered to verify banking information.

  • This deposit can take 3-5 business days to hit the bank account.

  • Once the penny test has deposited, the amount needs to be confirmed in Everflow to Validate and make the account "Payable".

All Penny Tests will reference "Everflow Technologies" and will state "ACCTVERIFY" in the deposit Description.

To Validate the Deposit amount:

  • Partners must login to Everflow.

  • Navigate to Company Settings > Billing.

  • Click the "Validate Account" button.

  • Input the exact deposit amount and click "Validate" to submit and become Payable.

**Special Note: Affiliates/Partners will only be able to see both ACH and Wire payment options if their routing number provided allows for both ACH and Wire. This is determined by the affiliate/partner's bank.

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