What Is EF Match?

EF Match provides curated introductions to relevant partners with proven success to help you grow faster

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Get Introduced To Relevant Partners

Finding relevant partners and affiliates is hard. The best affiliates are in high demand and constantly contacted by brands wanting to work with them, so they don’t respond without a relationship or proven track record.

EF Match helps you get traction by leveraging our relationship with partners to start the conversation. We introduce you to a curated set of relevant partners with proven track records for your vertical and desired promotion methods, helping you achieve early success on the Everflow platform and scale your growth.

How Does EF Match Help You Grow Faster?

Strategic Readiness Evaluation

We’ll evaluate your program and help guide you to make it competitive enough to interest our curated partners.

Determine Your Partner Needs

We’ll explore with you the partners and promotion methods that are right for your program: Ad buyers, emailers, content, etc.

Get Introduced To Relevant Partners

Based on your vertical and promotion needs, we’ll provide introductions to the right partners that can start delivering value.

We Help New Partners Find You

We don’t provide ongoing recruitment, but continue to make introductions when you’re the right fit for our newest partners.

Ready To Accelerate Your Program Growth?

Contact Customer Success to explore growing faster with the right EF Match partners!

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