We've been working hard to ensure simplicity for you and your partners as we transition the partners to the newly revamped portal, but we need you to help with finalizing the smooth transition.

See below for instructions on:

Customizing the Partner Dashboard

You now have more control over your Partner's Dashboard than ever before.

To customize and preview the dashboard, navigate to Control Center - Configuration, then click on the Partner Portal tab. On the Dashboard card, click Edit.

Use the toggle button in the upper right corner to add or remove cards. Then, you may change the size of each card by clicking and dragging the edges, or reposition the cards by clicking and dragging the card header.

The Announcement Card from the former UI is now the Custom Card.

You can personalize the dashboard further by using the toggle to add a Custom Card with your own HTML. After adding the card, scroll down and click Edit on the card to input your HTML. Click Apply.

This card can also be removed, resized and repositioned just like the other cards.

Click Save Dashboard to apply the updates to all of your Partners' dashboards. (Any existing customizations will be overwritten.)

Migrating Partners

When you are satisfied with the layout of the Partner Dashboard, it's time to begin migration. During the transition period, you have the ability to apply the new portal for specific partners, or all partners.

Simply navigate to Control Center - Configuration, then click the Partner Portal tab. Click the Migrate button to select the Partners to transition.

The Selected Partners tab allows you to select specific partners. By default, when you click Select All, only active partners are selected. Use the filter to select inactive partners or all partners (active and inactive), and then deselect partners if you wish.

If you want to migrate all of your partners at once, click the All Partners tab. This will automatically select all partners (active and inactive).

Notifying Partners

We've created an email message for you to send. Click preview email to review the text. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Keep the checkbox selected to send that email upon migration

  • Deselect the checkbox if you prefer to migrate your partners and notify them on your own terms, or using the Direct Message feature

  • Deselect the checkbox to migrate your partners without notification


We've assembled a superstar team of industry veterans that are available around the clock to make sure that your issues are resolved and questions are answered. You can reach out any time in-platform via Chat or by emailing support@everflow.io.

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