*If you would like to join the Marketplace as a Partner or Brand, please fill out this form. **

Once you have joined the Marketplace, you can find it by navigating to: Navigation Bar (Hamburger Menu) > Connect - Marketplace

There will be two to three tabs available at the top of the screen.

Partner/Advertiser Discovery

This section highlights potential partnerships based on alignment of offerings and requirements. The Match Score is based on an algorithm comprised of requirements and other data points.

Filters: Narrow down potential partnerships based on specific data. The Status filter will display only the prospects based on their status in the Managed Connections, such as Connected or Pending Approval.

View: You can choose to view your connections in a grid or in a table.

Manage Connections

A notification bubble with a number will be visible on the tab when an a connection is "Awaiting Your Approval".

  • Connected Partners/Brands: List of all approved connections. At the end of each row, you can Generate Tracking Links for specific Offers or Partners.

  • Awaiting Your Approval: These are connections that have applied to work with you. You can view their profile and reach out directly.

  • Pending Approval: These are connections to which you have applied but they are awaiting approval. You can edit your request at any time by clicking the vertical dots to Edit Request.


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