In this article, we are going to show you how you can test multiple Offers with the same landing page or multiple Offers behind a single tracking link. This allows you to see which Offer or landing page is performing well and where you should focus your efforts for the maximum results.

This process involves creating multiple landing pages for your Offer and using them to build a Smart Link, and analyzing the performance of the split test with reporting.

Creating multiple landing pages

Step #1

Navigate to Offers - Manage, then click on the name of an Offer.

Step #2

Once you have chosen the Offer you would like to test, click the Add button on Offer URLs. If your Offer has a large number of Offer URLs to add, select Import to initiate a CSV file upload. Learn more about the CSV import here.

Step #3
Add the name of the Landing Page with the Destination URL. Add all desired URLs to be rotated.

You now have available several landing pages associated with your Offer.

Building a Smart Link for a split test

Step #1

Navigate to Offers - Smart Links > Add Smart Link.

Step #2

Name the Smart Link and select the tracking domain.

We recommend enabling the Force SSL toggle to improve tracking and security.

Enable the Show to Partners toggle if you would like the Smart Link to be visible to Partners who are approved to run all of the Offers included in the Smart Link. If enabled, the Tracking Link for this Smart Link can be found in the Partner portal by navigating to Smart Links > select Smart Link > Tracking Links tab.

Step #3

Under Settings, click Add Offer and select the desired Offer. Add the landing pages you added in Step #1.

Please note that you also have the capability of testing one Offer against another Offer. Instead of choosing multiple Landing Pages for the Smart Link, choose different Offers.

Choose the Redirect Mechanism:

  • KPI based: Prioritize traffic based on how closely they are meeting KPIs.

  • Weight: Rotation based on a defined percentage of traffic designated for each Offer.

  • Priority: Waterfall-like logic based on priority when the required Offer criteria (i.e. targeting, caps, approval) matches the User's Click. For example, Offer 1 will be shown first, however if the Offer's cap is already met or the targeting does not match, the User is sent to Offer 2, and so on.

You may also define additional targeting criteria to the Offers in the Smart Link. The Offer targeting will always be applied first and will not be overridden by these additional rules.

Please note that Partners need to be approved to run all Offers included in a Smart Link in order for it to function properly unless the Smart Link logic accounts for being blocked within the redirect flow.

Tracking Performance of Split Test

To track the performance of your Offer and the multiple Landing Pages, navigate to Reporting - Smart Links. Once you have analyzed the performance of the test, you may choose to adjust the configuration of the Redirect Mechanism (i.e. how often traffic is directed to a particular Landing Page).

Use the Copy Link to Report button if you would like to share the results with those of your colleagues who have a login to Everflow.


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