This tutorial outlines the steps needed to add a new Advertiser.

For a walk-through guide covering how to set up Advertiser-connected postbacks
please [Click Here].

What is an Advertiser?

An Advertiser is the source for the product/app/service you're planning to promote on Everflow.

Step 1.

Go to Advertisers > Add.

Step 2.

1: General

  • Fill out the new Advertiser's information. You can learn more about the purpose
    of each section by clicking on the ? icon.

  • Variables exposed in the Advertiser Portal: Enabling these options will make the associated parameters visible inside the Advertiser's Reports when they are logged into their Advertiser Portal.

  • Enforce Verification Token adds an additional layer of security by
    requiring an encrypted ID to be passed successfully in the Postback, which helps
    protect against Mobile Device Spoofing fraud

Account Manager: This is for your internal usage to track who was responsible
for the Advertiser relationship.

Sales Manager: This is the point of contact that is visible in the Advertiser's

2: Address

You are not required to enter an address for your Advertiser. If you choose to add this information, switch the toggle on, and continue to input your information.

3: Additional information

These are additional fields which can be used to store information regarding the Advertiser setup.

  • Platform Name

  • Platform URL

  • Platform Username

  • Stats Reporting Timezone (required)

  • Accounting Contact Email Address

4: User

When creating a new Advertiser, you can add a User by setting the "Add User" option to "On" (optional). This will display a form which you can use to create the User.

Pro Tip: After 25 unsuccessful login attempts, the user will have to wait 10 minutes before being allowed to try again.

Step 3.

Click Save.

Now that you have your Advertiser set up, you are ready to prepare your first Offer. Please [Click Here] to get started!


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