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Conversion Method: Server Postback
Conversion Method: Server Postback
A brief overview of how server-to-server (S2S) tracking works.
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Server Postback is a simple Conversion Method that requires the Everflow Transaction ID to be sent to the server, and then a server-side call to be made from that system to Everflow.

A Postback URL creates a server-to-server connection for recording Conversions and Events through generating a unique Transaction ID for each user's click and then returning the successful conversion data.

Server Postback/S2S is typically recommended in any case that the Advertiser/Brand has the ability to fire S2S postbacks, particularly with:

  • app install campaigns

  • ad networks

  • clients using User Management, or another database to track users and their conversions

How It Works

1. User clicks on Ad. The user goes through Everflow Tracking Link, and the Click data is recorded by Everflow.

2. Everflow generates a unique Transaction ID to identify the user's Click and passes it to the Advertiser/Brand.

**Please note that this requires the Advertiser/Brand to have a platform that can handle S2S postbacks.

3. When a Conversion happens, the Advertiser/Brand returns the Transaction ID via postback URL (using an automatic HTTPS GET request).

Tracking Advantages

  • Highly accurate, as it does not rely on browser-based tracking (i.e. third-party cookies).

  • Very secure, as Conversions are fired from the Advertiser/Brand's database, not the user's browser.

Advertiser/Brand Setup Example

Here is an example of how this works for setting up S2S tracking with an Advertiser/Brand.

  • If the campaign link from the Advertiser/Brand looks like this:

  • Then, in Everflow, your Base Destination URL will look like this in order to send the Transaction ID to their platform:{transaction_id}

  • And your Postback URL implemented on the Advertiser/Brand's side will look like something like this in order for their platform to send the Transaction ID back to Everflow:{s1}

To see a step-by-step guide for setting up Postbacks with your Advertisers - [Click Here]

Partner Postbacks

You may also use S2S tracking for firing conversions to your Partners' platforms. For a detailed guide on setting up Partner Postbacks - [Click Here]


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