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Adjust MMP Integration Guide
Adjust MMP Integration Guide
This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process for setting up your mobile conversion tracking with Adjust.
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Offer Setup in Everflow

For Adjust, you don’t need to do any pre-integration setup. You will be able to generate your tracking link & postback setup through Adjust's Partner page after receiving the necessary details from your Advertiser (or generating this yourself if Adjust is your MMP).

Be sure to request all of the details from your advertiser that will be needed for setting up the Offer including: payouts, budget caps, tracked Events with associated Adjust tokens, and the Adjust tracking link.

Create an Offer in Everflow and use a placeholder URL for the Base Destination URL, such as You will be going back into the Offer later and replacing the Destination URL, which is why you're using a placeholder for now.

If you are planning on tracking any Events for that Advertiser, then every Event needs to be set up inside of the Offer at this time.

Creating the Destination URL & Postback

To generate your destination URL and Postback setup, go here:

If you've received all of the necessary details from your Advertiser, you should be able to add in details as shown in the example below. First we show how the setup should look with this example, and then after that are the steps for setting this up from your side:

Event tokens:
Registration = abcdef
Subscription = ghijkl

Example of how the setup should look:

Here is how the event tokens would look at the end:

After entering in all of the required details, you can click Copy URL, and add that link as the Base Destination URL inside of your Offer:

Setting Up: Adjust

Step 1

Under 'Enter Links' paste in the tracking link your Advertiser sent you.

Step 2

Under Callbacks place your global Postback link found under Conversion Method inside of the Offer you created:

Step 3

After placing your Postback under callbacks in the Install section, make the following edits to that link: &transaction={transaction_id} and remove amount. It should look like this: https://[domain]{transaction_id}

Step 4

For normal setups, skip the sections until you reach Event.

Step 5

Under Event, there are two steps:

  1. Enter in the Event token the Advertiser sent you.

  2. Under callback, you will need to put in your matching Event Postback URL associated with that token (these Postbacks are only accessible after you have created the Event inside of your Offer). Go to the Offer > Scroll back down to Conversion Method > Click the arrow to open up the potential events > Select the event associated with the Advertiser's event token > Copy that Postback URL.

    Note: Every Event has an ID associated with it inside Everflow, which makes it easy to tell apart from your Global Postback.

Go back to Adjust, and paste this URL under the Callback. Make sure to update the TRANSACTION_ID to {transaction_id} so that it matches the Everflow format.

Step 6

At the bottom, under Generated URLs, click the Copy URL button. This URL will be used as your Destination URL in Everflow, and already includes all of the necessary Postback details for sending data back to Everflow.

Step 7

Edit your Offer, under Destination URL replace your placeholder with the copied URL from Adjust. You can now pull a tracking link, and run your own test to confirm that everything is passing properly from Adjust to Everflow.

Step 8

If your testing is successful, you're ready to launch!

Advanced: Anti-Fraud Setup with Adjust

You can also request that your Advertiser provides you access to your data inside Adjust, so you can access Adjust's reporting on fraud and the quality of your traffic.

You can also have Adjust send you back data via the Postback whenever conversion are rejected due to their Fraud Protection Suite. You would just add the following to the end of your Offer Destination URL (this works for every setup), and replace the [everflowdomain] and [nid] with the ones used in your normal Postback format:

&rejected_install_callback=https%3A%2F%2F[everflowdomain]%2F%3Fnid%3D[Everflow Network ID]%26transaction_id%3D{transaction_id}%26fraud_flag%3D1%26fraud_reason%3D%7Brejection_reason%7D

Using SmartSwitch, you can automatically block traffic sources that were flagged as fraud by Adjust. Read our Case Study with Bold Screen and Adjust to see how you can start fighting fraud smarter using data from Adjust feeding into your SmartSwitch setup.


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