All Domains must be registered properly according to the following process.

View your current Tracking and Conversion Domains by navigating to Control Center - Configuration > Domains.

To begin the Domain Registration Process for your account, an Admin user must complete the following steps:

Step #1: Confirm Billing Address.

Navigate to Control Center - Configuration > Addresses. On the Billing Address card, click Edit, if necessary.

Step #2: Enter Domain Registration Information.

Click Edit on the Domain Registration Information card.

Be sure to enter valid contact details for the person who will handle communication regarding domains.

**Please note the information provided will not be shared, but is required by Google in order to manage and purchase future domains. Be aware that once this information is entered and saved, you must contact the Customer Success team to have it updated.

Step #3: Confirm Registrant Change.

In a few days, Google Domains will send an email to the address entered in Step #2.

Email Subject: Google Domains: Confirm Registrant change for <INSERT_YOUR_DOMAIN.COM>

Click the “Confirm Registrant Change” link to complete the process. You will be redirected to Google Domains.

One of the following messages will be displayed at the bottom of your screen:

That's it! The email address entered in Step #2 will receive a confirmation notice from Everflow within one week.


Which domains does this registration concern? 

All Tracking and Conversion Domains purchased for you by Everflow.  

Why is this required?

This information is required by ICANN and must be accurate to avoid any suspension or cancellation.  

How long do I have to accept the verification? 

Once you receive the email to accept the registration changes, you have 7 days to complete the process.

Will this cause any down time on my domains? 


Do I have to manage the DNS or any technical aspect of the domain? 


Will this change the billing process for domains? 

No. Everflow will continue to manage renewals and SSLs. 

Is the Domain Registration Information secure?

Yes. Privacy Protection is active for each domain, which prevents your information from being available to the public. For more on privacy protection - [Click Here]


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