This integration uses Email Address Attribution to add contacts to Everflow automatically after being added to HubSpot, as well as to update the "Lifecycle Stage" of a lead.

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A Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1a

Select an Offer that can be used to track HubSpot contacts through the email address attributed to the conversion:

  • Enable Direct Linking (under Tracking & Control)

  • Enable Email Ownership (under Attribution)

For more information about how to enable Email Ownership for an Offer - [Click Here]

Step #1b

Set up the Events in Everflow. We recommend tying Advertiser-level Events to the Offer.

Step #1c

Place the and EF.conversion() scripts on the page to record the "Lead" event in Everflow.

Step #2

In Everflow, navigate to Control Center - Integrations > CRM > HubSpot. Click Add.

Click OK to open a login screen for your HubSpot account. Login.

Step #3

Select Target, and then either the Advertiser or Offer to be associated. We recommend selecting Advertiser, and tying Advertiser-level events with the integration. Save.


Leads will be displayed in a Conversion Report by filtering for the Offer you set up in Step #1a.

Please note that due to the nature of the integration, reporting delays of 5-10 minutes are to be expected.


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