What is Lead Prosper?

Lead Prosper offers an affordable solution for lead delivery and verification. You can set up your leads either to go to multiple buyers or from multiple Partners to a single buyer, and handle all of your pre-ping and ping post needs to ensure that every lead is going to a buyer that wants it.

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How the Integration Works

This integration connects and syncs Lead Prosper with your Everflow platform so that your Offers will feed into Lead Prosper with all Events, and any approved or rejected Lead Prosper conversions will show up in Everflow reporting.

Follow these steps to set up the integration:

Step #1

In your Lead Prosper account, select Everflow as an integration.

Step #2

You will need to enter your Network API key into Lead Prosper, which can be found under Control Center - My Account.

Step #3

When editing a campaign in Lead Prosper, you will now be able to select your Everflow platform under 3rd party integrations.

Step #4

For the rest of the steps, please see this documentation from LeadProsper, which covers the complete setup from inside of their platform - [Read More]


We've assembled a superstar team of industry veterans that are available around the clock to make sure that your issues are resolved and questions are answered. You can reach out any time in-platform via Chat or by emailing support@everflow.io.

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