This article will demonstrate how to pass lead and sale data, including the sale amount and customer's email address, from ClickFunnels to Everflow.


Step #1

When adding or editing an Offer for a ClickFunnels integration, be sure of the following:

  • You have added an Event named Lead, and you use the Base Conversion to track the sale or purchase under Revenue & Payout.
  • Direct Linking is enabled under Tracking & Control.
  • Email Attribution is enabled under Attribution. The Base Conversion, which is the sale or purchase, should be selected as the Associated Event.

For more information on Offer setup - [Click here]

Step #2

Navigate to Control Center - Integrations > E-Commerce and then click Configure next to the ClickFunnels.

Step #3

Select your Offer and the associated Lead Event.

Step #4

Copy the Javascript Code.

Step #5

In ClickFunnels, navigate to the funnel you want to integrate with Everflow and click on the page that is shown to the user after submitting their email address. In this example, it is the sales page (the user submits their lead info on the squeeze page).

Step #6

Copy the URL path from the sales page you land on. Be sure to include the ' / '.

Step #7

Paste that URL into the script tag you copied from Everflow earlier, like this. Replace CONFIRMATION_PAGE with the path of the lead confirmation page.

<script src="https://everflow-advertiser-public-demo.endtrk.com/scripts/clickfunnels/everflow.js?oid=33&event_id=68&target=/sales-page1598294956533"></script>

Step #8

In ClickFunnels, place the code from Step #7 in the Head Tracking Code field on the settings tab.

Step #9

In Everflow, copy the Webhook URL.

Step #10

In ClickFunnels, inside the settings page, scroll down to Webhooks and click Manage Your Funnel Webhooks.

Step #11

In ClickFunnels, click + New Webhook and paste your webhook from Everflow. Then, click Create Funnel Webhook.

Please note that you should wait at least 20 minutes for ClickFunnels servers to deploy the code on your funnel before testing the integration.



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