You can use Zapier to send Everflow conversion and event data from to your Google Ads instance using Webhooks. Please note that conversions are not fired in real time, and Zapier costs are separate from Everflow.

*Important* This is an advanced guide and should only be attempted if you have experience with both Everflow and Google Ads. You must set up the Everflow tracking link inside of Google Ads' advanced URL option:


Step #1 - Everflow

In Everflow, set up an Offer. Be sure that Direct Linking is disabled on the Tracking & Controls card.

Step #2 - Zapier

Click Make a Zap in the upper left side of the screen.

Step #3 - Zapier

Select Webhooks by Zapier, and Catch Hook as the Trigger Event.

Step #4 - Zapier

Pull your Custom Webhook URL from this section:

Step #5 - Everflow

Append ?gclid={gclid}&timestamp={timestamp} to the end of that Webhook and place it as a Partner Postback in Everflow. Be sure to test the postback after saving it.

Step #6 - Zapier

Click "Test Trigger" here:

If successful, it will look like this:

Step #7 - Zapier

Add another action, search "Google Ads" and select it.

Select Send Offline Conversion as the Action Event.

Step #8 - Zapier

Sign in to your Google Ads account.

Then, set up the values like this:

Once this is done, the process is complete. You must have live traffic to "test" as Google needs an actual gclid value.



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