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ARCHIVE: Feature Release Notes
ARCHIVE: Feature Release Notes

Notes from previous Feature Releases

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v2.7.1 Release Notes (02/11/2020)


  • Shopify Integration enhancements

  • Bulk add values in Exclusion tab of SmartSwitch

  • Complete Refactor of UI Customization > Color Scheme feature

  • Ability to add Network VAT/Tax ID to Invoices

  • Custom parameters w/ Direct Linking

  • Ability to hide impression links in Partner's Portal

  • The concept of exclude is now supported in Reporting filters

  • Support account manager macros in email templates

  • Ability to search external offer IDs for EverXChange

  • Two more timeframes added to the network dashboard

  • Offer Group overview now has additional columns/filters

  • Copy Offer added the option to copy creatives

  • Reorder fields within the Envelope Icon

  • Added Payoneer as a Payment Method, not an integration

  • Added Partner Info is now displayed on General card of a Partner

  • Flex Report Added Columns: Is Proxy and Partner Status

  • Advertiser UI - Conversion Report includes Adv1-Adv5 values (if enabled)

  • Allow lock on additional events only within EverXChange


  • Import Adjustment Not Reflected in Offers > Manage Monthly Cap

  • Verbiage discrepancy in way information is shown in Billing pane.

  • Bulk editing offers to turn on force SSL.

  • Incorrect date showing within a scheduled report.

  • Section disabled within Roles will not show up in other menus


v2.7.0 Release Notes (12/17/2019)


  • Integration with Veem as a cost-effective Partner payment solution.

  • Improved functionality for the EverXChange Marketplace.

  • Enhancements to invoicing.

  • The colors of the on/off toggles are now customizable.

  • Affiliate Referral macro added to Direct Message: {affiliate_referral_url}


  • Clearer display of Network ID (NID) in Control Center > Configurations.

  • Time Zone is now standardized as user timezone and always displayed in the UI.

  • A search bar is now available in Direct Message.

  • CVR is set to unique clicks in the Advertiser UI when it is set such that in the network UI.


v2.6.1 Release Notes (11/20/2019)


  • Launched the EverXChange Marketplace.

  • New Announcement feature to be displayed in Partner Portal.

  • Affiliate/Partner postbacks now include CPC type.

  • Add Conversions, revenue, payout, for an Offer/Partner in one simple screen.

  • Added time zone specific Offer for cap management.

  • Advertiser sign-up link and form is now available.

  • Default parameters have been added to the JavaScript code click script to display automatically in Network UI and for Shopify integrations.

  • Added Shopify-specific columns to Conversion reporting.

  • KPI based Smart Link routing (BETA).

  • Force Network users to logout if inactive for a predetermined amount of time. Ask the Customer Success Team for more information.

  • Advertiser users can be created on the same screen when creating an Advertiser.

  • Partner users can be created on the same screen when creating a Partner.

  • Ability to resend to Partners the email to reset their password.

  • Ability to track and require T&C agreement updates/renewals.

  • Custom Revenue & Payout set via Scheduled Action will now override existing custom Revenue & Payout.

  • Multiple subIDs can be entered into one custom Revenue & Payout.

  • Added functionality when using the Bulk Edit tool for Offers and Partners pages.

  • Creative ID can be used as a parameter on Traffic Filters.

  • Targeting can now be added to Forwarding Rules.

  • Affiliate/Partner Postbacks can be added on Events that are set to private.

  • Offer URLs are now available as a filter and column in reporting.

  • Offer Name column included when exporting a Pacing Report.

  • CVR metric added to Variance Report.

  • Offer ID is now visible in the Dimensional Report.

  • View Through Conversions included in the Conversion graph in the Dimensional Report.

  • Conversion history screen now available.

  • Blocked sub-IDs can now be exported as a CSV within the Partner portal.

  • Offers with payouts on Events now have improved payout display in the Offers overview page within the Partner portal.

  • Added additional URLs in Affiliate/Partner View Tracking Link widget.

  • Advertiser portal shows API key.

  • Advertiser specific Partner Sign Up Link has been renamed and relocated.

  • VAT column available in the Pending Partner overview.


  • Expanded modal window when viewing HTML/email creative.

  • Offer Name text box enlarged in Offer Edit screen.

  • Updated wire payment fields to include European bank requirements.

  • Creatives downloaded will now have the same file name as the file name displayed in the Network portal.

  • Network users with a limited Affiliate/Partner Manager role can now impersonate Affiliates/Partners.

  • Adding Affiliates/Partners to a custom setting and viewing the custom setting overview has been updated.

  • Account Executive is now a filter option in the Partner overview screen.

  • Added more descriptive error messages when there is an error saving within the Network portal.

  • Tracking Link tab refreshes when visibility changes.

  • Save/Cancel footer is now static on the bottom of the screen.

  • Customization of icon colors on login page.


v2.6.0 Release Notes (09/24/2019)


  • Added "Referred By" column in Partner Manage > Pending overview.

  • Default Advertiser/Partner billing settings now available.

  • Adv parameters now supported as reporting column in Partner portal.

  • Partner Channel - offers can be tagged with one or many allowed traffic source channels. Network and Partner Portals will be able to filter offers based on the channel selection.

  • Added payment method as a column in the invoice list.

  • Generate Tracking Links - expanded functionality with bulk generation.

  • Quickbooks export for invoices.

  • Offer Share pop-up now includes Sub IDs added to the Partner Tracking Link.

  • Ability to forward traffic from a specific offer URL.

  • Support IDFA/GAID in offer session identifier.

  • Test Tracking Link renamed to Advertiser Test Tracking Link

  • Preserve Partner's Offer Visibility

  • Ability to quickly update custom and offer details from reporting and Partner > Visibility

  • Hashed value for {source_id} added to Investigator

  • Fail Traffic can now be customized for selected Partners

  • Ability to set up Default Templates that will pre-fill setting when you're creating new offers

  • New Fraud Level metric supported by SmartSwitch

  • Added the Redirect Traffic Revenue metric to Partner portal

  • Offer URLs can be Private and visible only to selected Partner(s)

  • Share Offer Information with Partners Using Direct Message

  • Coupon code is now available as a macro in HTML/email creative


  • Error message (when pulling tracking link) is made more obvious when Offer T&Cs are not accepted by Partner.

  • Traffic sources and Offer URLs now supported in direct linking.

  • Smart Link ID now added to the Smart Link details page.

  • Offer Share pop up now includes Sub IDs added to the Partner Tracking Links.

  • Partner/Affiliate manager specific Sign Up links is now not available when disabled on a global setting.

  • Summary Card in Conversion Report with updated exchange rate.


v2.5.1 Release Notes (07/15/2019)


  • New Variance Report: Added new Analytics Period Report for comparing two periods of data

  • Partner Referral Program

  • Added the concept of Advertiser Postback Controls: A rules-based system for accepting and blocking postback fires

  • Partner: New platform usage section / information

  • Numerous improvements to SmartSwitch

  • Advertiser Invoices

  • Platform Notifications: Configurable defaults (for both email and in app notifications)

  • Added Option for Express Offer Setup

  • Added ability to edit pending Partners

  • Added Advertiser setting for enabling visibility of Partner data

  • Added Partner setting for enabling visibility of Advertiser data

  • Added new metrics to Cohort Report: Total Conversions and Gross Sales

  • Ability to set Media Cost / Dynamic Payouts to only be passed by selected Partners

  • Investigator now supports hashed values

  • "Advertiser" wording is now configurable

  • Added "Average Sale Value" as a reporting metric

  • CTR Metric added to Analytics

  • Offer Description now allows plain text

  • IDFA, GAID and Android ID are now visible in the Partner Portal Click / Conversion Report

  • Order ID now visible in the Partner Portal

  • Added Configuration to Calculate CPC/RPC based on Unique or Gross Clicks

  • Added deeper offer overviews in the Partner UI

  • Added Event Name as top level metric in your Partner's Dashboard

  • Columns added (Billed / Paid) to the top level invoicing section.

  • Added internal notes section to invoices

  • Pass Through feature is now visible from Click Details

  • New fields under Additional Details supported in the Advertiser section

  • Offer bulk edit: Offers can now be filtered by Advertiser

  • Advertiser name is now a column option when exporting offers

  • Partner Invoices are now exportable as PDFs from the Partner UI

  • Ability to export the recipients of a direct message list into a CSV file (to import on email platforms like MailChimp, etc.)

  • Ability to Export Country added in Offer Export

  • Added tracking domains as a filtering option for Offers/Partners

  • Added ability to copy Offer details within one screen to share with Partner


  • The "Notes" section of an offer description is now scrollable

  • Tooltips copy in the Advertiser global events section

  • Reports "Manage" renamed to Reports "Saved & Scheduled"

  • "Analytics" section reordered below "Reporting"

  • Dashboard loading times are improved (we don't have hard figures for this unfortunately but it should be quicker)

  • Saving a post conversion postback no longer redirects you to the wrong page

  • Phone Number added to Partners' Applications

  • Removed the "File Request" email template from the UI as it was no longer being used anywhere

  • Added tooltips on the "Total CV" field in the reports

  • Removed the line break in the raw clicks CSV files

  • Querying the reporting API now only (and exactly) returns the requested timeframe, regardless of timezones / DST changes

  • Standardized the naming around the concept of conversions / post conversions : "Post Conversion" ==> "Event" "Base Conversion" ==> "Base" "Conversions" means both

  • Event Report generates quicker now


v2.5.0 Release Notes (05/15/2019)


  • Launch of Everflow's SmartSwitch auto optimization tool

  • New forwarding rules tool at the offer level allows you to redirect traffic per affiliate

  • Smart Link now available in the affiliate UI (only if the affiliate has access to all the offers within the Smart Link)

  • The new redirect report (under the Analytics menu) will give you a quick overview fail traffic

  • Large click and conversion reports can be request via your UI and sent to your email address

  • Affiliates can now save and schedule reports

  • You can now set offer's Terms and Conditions as required. Affiliate can only pull tracking links once they accept

  • Invoices can now be filtered based on payment terms

  • New macros to indicate if a conversion was generated from a click or an impression within the affiliate postback

  • Click to Conversion Time Report now includes sub1-5 filter options

  • Advertiser Postback report can now be filtered by affiliate and advertiser

  • Custom Payout & Revenue sliding bar now visible within an offer page and affiliate UI


  • Fixed an issue where rejecting public events would not be reflected properly in the reporting

  • Inactive affiliates now show up in the top search bar

  • Fixed issues with the filter selection in the flex report

  • Fixed an issue with test tracking link where the URL was adding two "?" when selection a specific offer URL

  • Added column event_name when exporting affiliate postback report

  • Fixed pull down menu names in advertiser UI

  • Removed derived column from reporting

  • Fixed dynamic nested report in affiliate UI to allow the selection of sub1 value

  • If an affiliate account is inactive, active users will not get direct messages or notifications


v2.4.2 Release Notes (04/08/2019)


  • Complete overhaul of the Fail Traffic: You can now pay affiliate on fail traffic, use a global redirect, smart link, offer URL and more

  • Custom Setting can now be copied for one or more affiliates

  • Added a search functionality in the Dimensional report when adding dimensions

  • New functionalities for the pacing report; summary card, performance card, ability to filter based on account and sales managers and export tool

  • The affiliate sign up page now supports a date custom field

  • Administrator employee can now set the administrator tag for other employees

  • The affiliates can now easily search for offers, transaction and conversion Id using the top search bar

  • The flowchart tool was enriched with more informations around fail traffic, allowing you to quickly identify where a click is coming from

  • You can now filter on offers using the N/A option for sales manager

  • We now support the impression tracking ID macro at the click level, meaning you can send the impression ID via the offer destination URL

  • Importing conversion CSV file can now be done using the "adv_event_id" column

  • Hash multiple macros into a single parameter within the base destination URL

  • Event revenue and payout can now be adjusted using the adjustment tool

  • Billing Threshold will now rollover to the next month

  • View Through Conversion (VT CV) Metric is now available in the Flex and Dynamic Nested reporting under Analytics

  • Within Filters in the Offer > Manage section you can now select the status of the Category displayed in the pull down menu.

  • Tracking Domain visible in the Conversion Postback card when viewing the General tab of an offer.

  • Direct Message now includes select/remove all when building a new rule.

  • Ability to bulk Synchronize Invoices from the Affiliate > Invoice screen.


  • Fixed issues with the test postback tool

  • Sorting is now working in the advertiser postback report

  • Fixed top search bar so older offers are now available for search

  • Fixed EVR in the post conversion report

  • CV column in reporting > detail will only show the conversions from clicks.

  • Removed CPC/RPC when defining an event, these options should not have been there

  • Made the warning message sticky when changing the visibility type of an offer


v2.4.1 Release Notes (03/04/2019)


  • Custom Threshold for cap notifications

  • New Names for Network and Settings: Control Center & Configuration

  • Manage Affiliate Page: Account Manger rename to Affiliate Manager

  • EVR is now supported in the Post Conversion report

  • Ability to set an automatic delay on invoice creation (affiliate level)

  • All creatives can now be shared and downloaded

  • Ability to set a global setting that will trigger affiliate notifications for offer caps

  • New {revenue_amount} to pass the base revenue amount to the advertiser via the offer destination URL

  • Visibility and additional URLs can now be included / excluded when copying offers

  • Ability to send HTML with Direct message


  • Fixed an issue with flex report where month was exported as unix timestamp

  • Exporting the advertiser postback report will now include adv variables

  • Fixed a bug where pending affiliate could not be approved via the main affiliates tab

  • Streamline naming of Affiliate versus Account Manager


v2.4 Release Notes (02/15/2018)


  • New metrics filter will allow you to include/ignore reporting data that's not relevant to you

  • The option to manually approve and reject duplicate incoming conversions was extended to the additional events. Please note the settings for you base conversions were moved under the Revenue & Payout tab when configuring the offer.

  • You can now assign unique tracking domain(s) to your affiliate, either globally or at the offer level.

  • New filter added in the conversion report to allow you to exclude events or conversions from the report

  • We introduced a new feature that will allow you to add custom fields to the affiliate sign up page. You can also view that information when looking at the affiliate details

  • Affiliates and advertisers can now be exported including the user information

  • New concept of custom creative where a creative can be added for a specific affiliate / offer

  • Streamlined the Network > Usage section, non-billable clicks are included there

  • New copy functionality for custom settings, either for the same offer or other offer(s)

  • You can now manage all your labels in one place, under Network > Labels

  • Campaigns has been renamed Smart Links under the Offers tab.

  • Today's Clicks is now a column when listing your offers under Offers > Manage

  • Sales Manager is now available as a filter when listing the offers or advertisers

  • Affiliate Tracking Link Macro now available in Offer Share Email Template

  • Advertisers are able to now export their conversion report

  • Hourly report now accessible in the affiliate UI

  • An affiliate manager can how share a sign up link that's specific to them

  • Order ID is now accessible in the Affiliate UI in conversion report

  • Added the offer status icon in Offer report

  • Invoices can now be set as hidden to Affiliates

  • Reversal postback url now available.

  • The conversion import feature now supports clickless conversion format

  • The history section is now supported for everything happening in your instance. Please check with your CS contact as this feature will make old changes not accessible in the UI.


  • Make sure the summary card in the Affiliates > Invoices section reflects the filters in place

  • Same as above in the Reporting > Conversion report

  • Missing affiliate status icon in the scheduled action section

  • The top search bar now allow a search for less than 3 characters (only digits)

  • Added missing connection type as a reporting column


v2.3.7 Release Notes (12/24/2018)


  • Cohort Report in Analytics section

  • Pacing Report in Reporting section

  • Copy existing campaigns

  • Custom settings now support search

  • Conversion Report, new filters; affiliate / account manager, country, sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5 and source id

  • Invalid conversion type available in conversion report pull down menu

  • New Summary box in the Affiliate > Invoices section

  • New Description field supported for affiliate postbacks

  • Support account and sales manager columns when exporting advertisers

  • Ability to set specific session time for affiliate/network/advertiser users. This can only be manually set by Everflow engineering.


  • Make sure RPM/CPM columns are part of the file when exporting a report

  • Fixed a label issue where it would say Click in a case of a view-through conversion/event

  • Fixed an issue with filters not supporting special characters in the reporting section


v2.3.5 Release Notes (12/14/2018)


  • Two-factor authentication

  • Catch all offer for campaigns

  • Session duration now includes days as a time interval and cookies support a longer duration period

  • Exports will now reflect filtered results (offers, affiliates, advertisers)

  • Ability to delete a traffic source

  • New Custom Settings menu under Offers

  • Invoca integration visible in Affiliate UI

  • Click lookback window is now available in EverXChange

  • Preview URL field can now be locked in EverXChange


v2.3.4 Release Notes (11/26/18)


  • Bulk Tracking Link Generator now include additional URLs. Network UI and Affiliate UI have the capability to download all tracking links, including all additional URLs

  • EverXChange Summary now includes Total Offers Pulled. This is the amount of offers pulled via EXC that have a status of Pending, Paused or Active. Free tier is up to 25,000 none Deleted offers pulled over to the next month total.

  • Filters are now available on the Scheduled actions, Offer Applications, and Invoices pages.

  • Notification Emails will now include what was updated

  • Text Creative Type is now available

  • Affiliates can input their billing information in the affiliate UI

  • Ability to generate tracking links from the Affiliate > Visibility > View

  • HTML and Email creative can now be downloaded as a txt file

  • On the Advertiser level, you may now use one postback for the same event across multiple offers


v2.3.3 Release Notes (10/25/18)


  • Fire Affiliate Postback toggle for Base and Event conversions. All Conversions can now be set to fire the affiliate postback or not. This will allow the Base conversion to not fire the Affiliate postback, while still firing an Affiliate postback for an Event. This can also be done per affiliate using the Custom Revenue and Payout settings.

  • Dimensional Report Graphs. Updated to show dots per Time Interval which accurately displays the data.

  • Offer Status Data Included in Reporting. In the Flex report you can select Offer Status as a column.

  • Pass Campaign ID in Network API.

  • Saved Report now includes Time Intervals. With this new pull down you can save time by selecting the time interval of the report, which will automatically based off the current date, not the date the report was saved.

  • ISP Targeting. This is now available on the offer level.


v2.3.2 Release Notes (09/06/18)


  • CPM/RPM is now supported

  • New concept of Custom Landing Pages, which allows a network to set a specific destination URLs for affiliates based on customized targeting rules

  • The Click Report now shows the last 1000 clicks, looks back up to 7 days, and displays Device ID (IDFA/GAID, etc.) in the top level report

  • Adv parameters are now supported in reporting

  • We now support media buying costs (publisher payout) to be passed in the tracking link for clicks and impressions

  • Ability to export Conversion Report with only approved conversions or events

  • Advertises may now export their reports

  • Added the export functionality in the Post Conversion Report (Events Report)

  • New bulk editing feature for offers

  • You can now see where an offer is being run as a fail traffic offer (while viewing an Offer > In the Fail Traffic Sources section)

  • Direct Message recipient set can now be set without a max value (when a rule is based on a metric)

  • The Payout, Revenue and Gross Sales metrics are now displayed in the summary card of the Conversion Report

  • Country is now supported as a filter in most of the reports

  • Under the Offer Report, any rows with adjustments will be displayed with a red background. This will allow users to quickly check what was manually adjusted

  • Show sign up information in the affiliate console

  • You may now select an Affiliate Manager during the approval process

  • We have added a bulk tracking link generator in the affiliate console

  • Error messages are now in the exported Conversion Report files

  • ISP is now an available column in most reports

  • Gross sales can now be modified in the reporting Adjustments

  • "Does not match" is now support in the traffic blocking tool Link

  • Added label filtering within the Affiliate Visibility section


  • Layout issue with the custom caps

  • Made sure there's a visual warning in the dynamic nested report when the maximum number of rows is displayed in the UI

  • Improved responsiveness of the dimensional report by allowing the user to select the maximum number of results shown in a card

  • Fixed a layout issue where an invoice with many line items wouldn't be displayed properly

  • Added missing Impressions / CRT as metrics on the dashboard

  • In the Flex report, all invalid clicks are part of the export CSV/JSON files

  • Fixed an issue with the Set as Primary feature of the tracking / conversion domains

  • Fixed an issue where an asset file with the same name couldn't be uploaded twice


v2.3.1 Release Notes (07/12/18)


  • Email templates are now configurable under Network > Settings

  • Affiliates now have access to the Flex / Dynamic nested reports, available in the new Analytics menu section

  • Video files are now supported under creative

  • You can now schedule caps changes for the offer group via the scheduled actions

  • Now integrated with Anura, a fraud detection provider

  • Advertiser postback can now be exported

  • We now support IPv6 when defining API IPs whitelist for affiliates

  • These following invalid clicks are now excluded from the billable total clicks: unapproved affiliate, blocked affiliate, inactive affiliate, global IP blacklist. These non billable clicks will later be accessible via the network UI under Network > Usage


  • Fixed a race condition where the wrong custom payout/revenue was applied if two entries were defined for the same offer/affiliate. The system now sorts the entries from the most granular to the less granular

  • The Stats card are now working properly, changing the dates was previously broken

  • New explicit warning in the UI when affiliates having a pending application are now added to the visible bucket inside an offer requiring approval

  • Fixed an issue where the Error column was there twice in the clicks report

  • Various layout improvements


v2.3 Release Notes (06/19/18)


  • Currencies can now be set at the offer, affiliate, or advertiser level

  • New concept of global advertiser pixel

  • Direct Message: new tool that allows networks to communicate with their affiliates, advertisers, and employees via email

  • You can now secure your advertiser postback using the verification token

  • Now support mobile carriers from Philippines

  • Ability to set a custom payout/revenue for the additional events

  • The Everflow T&Cs on the sign up page can be made optional by the network

  • MTTI report can now be exported

  • Affiliates now have access to Dimensional Report

  • Affiliates can now be blocked at the advertiser level

  • New tool to manage documents per affiliate/advertiser

  • New bulk tracking link generator

  • Hour column is now supported under the Flex Report

  • The "Download All" creatives feature is now part of the Affiliate UI

  • We enriched the offer targeting section with a new setting to block proxy traffic

  • Conversions can now be imported a CSV file, allowing you to generate / update conversions

  • The categories are now supported as a reporting filters

  • The look back window settings at the offer level now support a minimum value

  • Scheduled Actions > new action type that allows networks to activate an offer globally or per affiliate(s)

  • Show Category Id when viewing all categories defined via Network > Categories

  • Support IP / Referer under the advertiser postback report

  • Add export feature for reporting in the Affiliate UI

  • Support Delete option in the bulk tracking menu under Offers > Manage

  • When setting up an offer as server postback, we will enforce stricter rules and ignore data coming from the cookies

  • Now exposing high-level network settings under Network > Settings

  • Macros can now be hashed using MD5/SHA1

  • Coupon code can be passed via the "coupon_code" parameter in the conversion postback

  • New "Does not contain" rule for the offer traffic filter

  • Notifications are now activated by default when adding an affiliate user (if affiliate has notifications enabled)

  • New option to skip the welcome email when creating a new affiliate user


  • Show the correct event name when generating a report for the base event

  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic nested report was showing the unix timestamp instead of the date

  • Hide the tracking link card from the affiliate view if the affiliate is not active

  • QR code is now only available under Offers > Tracking Links card

  • Increased number of elements being displayed in a card in the dimensional report

  • Fixed an issue where "https://" was missing when sending out an email to affiliates that contained a link to a the portal


v2.2.9 Release Notes (05/03/18)


  • Affiliate billing: ability to generate invoices and pay your affiliates via Paypal.

  • Coupon codes management: assign an exclusive coupon code to your affiliate/offer and track clickless conversion using a coupon code.

  • Ability to filter on active affiliate user when exporting the list of affiliate user emails.

  • New post conversion report allows you to measure the events reporting metrics.

  • MTTI Report: the new drill down functionality allows you to pivot by sub ids, geo or device details.

  • Reporting adjustments: you can now export the list of reporting adjustments and filter by affiliate, advertiser and offer.

  • New email creative type, supporting from/to value and HTML description.

  • Impression reporting data and links are now accessible in the affiliate UI.

  • Tracking link can now be quickly accessed on a mobile phone using the QR code generator.

  • We pushed the UI customization to another level, allowing to granularly apply your own colours scheme.

  • Support app identifier at the offer level.


  • Bug with KPI alert that couldn't be edited

  • Fixed an issue with permissions where some users couldn't access specific sections of the UI

  • Conversion details view wasn't showing the correct click timestamp, now it is


v2.2.5 Release Notes (03/07/18)


  • Weekly caps added.

  • New concept of sales manager at the advertiser level. This feature allows you to assign another manager separate from the account manager.

  • UI Customization. Customization of the color theme found in Settings > UI Customization

  • Support server-side URL: Ability to execute server-server clicks and obtain a click ID.

  • New Notes field when adding a reporting adjustment in Affiliates > Adjustments.

  • Ability to expose affiliate ID into the Advertiser UI via a config at the advertiser level. This feature gives the ability to let advertisers have visibility of different traffic sources based on the affiliate ID. Previously it used to be blind to advertisers.

  • Billing informations are now available when adding/editing an affiliate.

  • New bulk status feature for the offer creatives. Feature allows users to make bulk changes to creatives without clicking into the creative. Found under Offers > Creatives.


  • Exporting a report will only include the metrics that were displayed in the UI instead of all metrics.


v2.2.1 Release Notes (01/18/18)


  • Impression tracking and View-through attribution support. This is a comprehensive feature set that enhances reporting to reflect conversion attribution based on impressions as well as clicks. This feature is not enabled by default so please contact us if you would like to have it.

  • New configuration to either block or redirect your duplicate traffic based on the fail traffic configuration

  • New Usage section under the Network menu, allowing you to get an annual overview of your activity inside Everflow.

  • Affiliate sign up information is now editable via the UI.

  • Enhanced Flex Report to include IDs and HTTP referrer as selected columns

  • Countries and platforms are now part of the selectable columns under the Offers > Manage section

  • Automatically pull offers in your network from third party systems such as HasOffers, ClinkAd, AddictiveAds, Taptica and more. Contact us if you would like to have this feature enabled in your account.


  • The dashboard summary cards now support billions as a metric unit.


v2.2 Release Notes (21/12/17)


  • Scheduled actions: Allows you to pre-program changes (payout, revenue, visibility, caps) globally at the offer level or specifically for one or multiple affiliates

  • Notifications: Allows you to deliver alerts to your affiliates as well as internal employees.

  • Alert System Overhaul: Added the ability to select all affiliates or all offers and email delivery to employees or external recipients

  • Schedule saved reports: A saved report can now be scheduled (daily, weekly or monthly) to your convenience and sent to external recipients or internal employees.

  • View device identifiers at the top level of the conversion report. The identifiers are also part of the CSV/JSON when performing an export

  • Dashboard Refactoring: Refactored the dashboard to make room for the notification card as well as a new card to show pending resources (conversions, affiliates and applications)

  • Support for a conversion "timestamp" macro with the advertiser postback, allowing networks to get accurate values in the MTTI report

  • Support labels as a column/filter in the offer, affiliate and advertiser sections

  • Allow networks to update a sale amount associated to a conversion

  • Advertisers API: Advertisers can now connect to the platform via the API

  • Ability to import multiple creatives using an archive file

  • Switched from Maxmind to Digital Element for our geolocation detection for greater accuracy of City/DMA level targeting.


  • Implemented backend pagination for various sections of the UI as it was sometimes hanging when displaying too many elements

  • Fixed an issue where Total CV and Scrub numbers were not clickable in the reports

  • Fixed a bug where copying an offer requiring approval would carry the list of affiliates, although they had to apply again

  • Adjusted the logic at the conversion level to make sure a conversion couldn't be attributed to the wrong offer if the click offer and conversion pixel oid parameter aren't matching

  • Bunch of minor adjustments with the UI layout


v2.1.6 Release Notes (11/08/17)


  • Bulk Creative upload: Support uploading archives for creatives.

  • Flexible naming scheme: Ability to set custom naming scheme in the UI. i.e. Affiliate can be called “Publisher”.

  • Smart Link(Campaign) enhancement 1: Ability to route traffic to multiple destination URLs of the same offer.

  • Smart Link(Campaign) enhancement 2: Ability to apply targeting rules at the campaign level when routing traffic to multiple offers.

  • Configurable summary statistic cards in the Dashboard. Allows you to focus on your desired metrics.

  • Individual IP targeting (inclusion/exclusion) per offer.

  • Offer targeting, ability to include/exclude a single IP

  • Placeholder to capture the advertiser contact address; found under the “general” section int he advertiser detail.

  • Advertiser Link Templates: Allows you to define a destination URL template for an Advertiser, which will be pre-filled during offer creation.

  • Added backend reporting pagination for reporting adjustments

  • Support direct integration with Ezepo for email unsubscribe management (

  • Integrated with Forensiq (

  • New MTTI alert type, allowing network to closely monitor click to install delta per affiliate / offer

  • Enhanced custom payout delivery via the affiliate API


  • Make sure expired offers are automatically set as inactive

  • Fixed an issue where an affiliate wasn't able to add a post conversion postback for a specific event

  • Fixed some alignment issues with the offer / affiliate reports

  • Fixed an issue where the timestamp under click details was using the wrong timezone


v2.1.5 Release Notes (10/05/17)


  • New reporting metrics; ROAS, RPA and CPA

  • Device model is now available as a column in the dimensional and flex reports

  • Introduced a new concept of business unit, which can be used to logically organized the employe accounts. The business unit is available as a filter in the reports

  • Support "Does Not Match" for the offer traffic filter targeting

  • Support single versus double meta refresh

  • New field for affiliate payment frequency

  • New refresh button in the dimensional report


  • Fix an issue where reports would behave badly with very long affiliate or offer name


v2.1.4 Release Notes (09/13/17)


  • Show public additional events to the affiliates, allowing them to optimize their traffic

  • Built a new API endpoint in the affiliate API to fetch only runnable offers

  • New MTTI report

  • Complete revamped the test postback tool. We now support cookie-based pixels and made it easier to test using our wizard design

  • Creative, now support archive file type


  • Fixed a bug where a conversion would be treated as duplicate if it was registered after an additional event for the same click

  • Conversion export now ordered by time, not transaction ID


v2.1.3 Release Notes (07/24/17)


  • New concept of offer URL, allowing you to run multiple landing pages via the same offer and report on those URLs

  • Hourly Report: hourly breakdown with one row per hour.

  • Flex Report: Available under Analytics menu. This allows you to build a custom report using any of the 28 columns we support

  • Impersonate Affiliate: Ability for affiliate managers to impersonate affiliate accounts.

  • Customizable Affiliate signup Page: Ability to publish an affiliate sign-up page with custom text and logo.

  • Enhanced e-Commerce capabilities: support for gross sales, order id and coupon code in the conversion structure

  • Dedicated conversion domains: Across the board support for dedicated conversion domains. Provides you a detailed breakdown of all the incoming advertiser postbacks, which can be viewed under Reporting > Advertiser Postback

  • Event-specific affiliate post backs: Ability to setup affiliate postback for a specific additional events for a conversion.

  • Ability to configure your advertiser conversion postback using your click tracking domain

  • Clickless conversion support. Coupon codes will be added very soon.

  • Enhanced reporting adjustment tools: Auto-calculate revenue/payout numbers

  • Export service for reporting data: API based export service to deliver reporting data in your inbox.

  • Custom Payout/revenue settings can be applied to all affiliates in one click. Also support source ID in this section.

  • Enhanced mobile support for the user interface.

  • Delete Creatives: A creative can now be set as deleted to make it unavailable in the Affiliate UI.

  • Improved indexing and display of search results

  • Invalid click distribution: You can get a preview of the raw clicks by clicking on the specific entry in the bar chart

  • Openmail integration


  • Fixed an issue where the dates in reporting weren't being displayed based on the browser timezone instead of reporting timezone

  • Allow user to resize the text box when editing an HTML creative or HTML postback

  • In the offer/affiliate/advertiser report, fixed an issue where the nested values were not correcly ordered

  • Fixed some issues with the customization of the reporting columns

  • Fixed an issue with the regular expression that validated a destination URL.


v2.1.2 Release Notes (06/15/17)


  • Affiliate Portal Reports : Ability to only report based on unique clicks

  • Deliver creatives in bulk to affiliates via email.

  • Unique click definition: New mechanism to identify unique clicks either via IP or IP+User agent

  • 24metrics Integration available.

  • Reporting : Duplicate clicks now reported in a separate column.

  • Traffic Source templates compatible with campaign links

  • Conversion report: Simple flow to filter on events / conversions

  • Additional Events: Apply scrub rate and manual approval for public events.

  • New attribution tab inside the offer details

  • No more activation code in the signup


  • Investigation: fixed issue where the system was failing to load the list of existing investigations

  • Reporting adjustments : fixed caching issues that sometimes resulted in incorrect snapshots

  • Entity Report: Made raw events are viewable similar to conversion report.

  • Reporting: fixed an issue where timezone setting wasn't applied properly


v2.1 Release Notes (24/05/17)


  • Scrub Rate Management: Apply scrub rate at the offer level and also support for custom scrub rate at the affiliate and sub id level. Found under Offer Detail view.

  • Custom payout/revenue at the affiliate and Sub ID level. Targeting filters also supported as a condition. Available under Offer Detail view

  • Support for iFrame and Javascript conversion pixels.

  • Traffic Filtering based on request parameters. Apply wildcard based conditions to intelligently direct traffic or block it. Available under Offer>>Targeting>>Traffic Filtering

  • Fail traffic can now be configured using all targeting rules supported in the system


  • Email notifications for affiliates when their offer application is approved or rejected

  • Test postback, ability to use an affiliate test tracking link

  • Reporting Adjustments can now be applied across multiple dates at the same time and can also be edited or deleted.

  • Traffic source Management: Allows creation of traffic source templates for tracking links and post backs for all media sources (affiliates, publishers)

  • Dynamic query parameters in click URL supported in affiliate postbacks.


  • Daily Report

  • Campaign Report: Breakout campaign data in a separate report

  • Nested reporting in Entity reports (Offer, Affiliate and Advertiser reports). Show top affiliates under each offer and vice versa.

  • Hyperlinked entity names (offer, affiliate etc.) to go to a drill down report with a single click.

  • Conversion Report: Ability to update the status of a conversion or the associated payout / revenue

  • Click Report: Additional flexibility around filters and support up to 5000 clicks at a time

  • Transaction ID added as a filter in the click and conversion reports

  • Flow View: A visual flowchart view that allows you to visualize the associative lifecycle of a click, conversion and postback. Found in the controls menu on the right hand side of each row in the click, conversion and postback reports.

  • Customization of reports: Columns selection preferences will be stored for each user by the platform

  • Unique click column added.


  • Ability to restrict an affiliate manager to only see his affiliates

  • Live chat on the top right hand side of the network view.

  • Investigator tool: Allows you to search raw data for events registered using sub ids, IP and much more

  • Search: Helpdesk data now searchable directly from the network search bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where two advertisers pixel coming in at the same time could result into two conversions, even though the offer is set to reject duplicate conversion

  • Fixed an issue with HTML pixels where they weren't displayed inline in the browser but fired via a backend mechanism. That was preventing the publishers to use the browser cookies

  • Fixed an issue where some users couldn't preview the HTML associated to a creative

  • Fixed an issue where the identification number associated to an offer / affiliate / advertiser were not searchable in a drop down

  • Bunch of optimizations / fixes for Safari / Firefox


v2.0 (17/03/17)


  • Deliver a single link to publishing partners, while preserving the ability to route traffic on the network side.

  • Split test multiple offers based on priority-based or weight based schemes.

  • Apply additional filters (platform, geo etc.) to parse traffic across multiple offers in a campaign.

  • Contextual comparators for all statistics and pacing charts; today vs yesterday or today vs same day of last week.

  • Customizable offer and affiliate widgets. Users can select their own reporting columns.

  • Revamped targeting UI.

  • Granularly include and exclude rules.

  • Support OS version range setting.

  • UI refresh on the selected rules viewer

  • Added support for mobile carrier, connection type and day parting

  • Enhanced Fail traffic management: Ability to target on mobile carrier/connection type

  • Support cookie based conversion scheme.

  • Support for custom payout and revenue types

  • Inline reporting stats

  • Report on sub id 1 thru 5 in standard reports and the Dimensional report

  • Free form labels that can be managed in-line

  • Ability for administrators to update password for affiliate and advertiser accounts.

  • Self management of categories. Networks can extend categories to fit their needs.


  • Fixed issue with authentication where the user had to log twice or wasn't able to log at all

  • Activation email format, should be displayed correctly to all platforms

  • Issue with the view offer page in Firefox

  • Issue with invalid clicks modal view in entity report where it wasn't accounting the report filters in places

  • Dimensional report, initial sort now applied

  • Date range selector: show shortcuts at top


v1.5 (06/02/17)


  • Self-Serve Advertiser Interface: Advertisers can log in and view their offers, reports and manage company details.

  • Granular role and permission management for employee accounts. Found under Network>>Roles

  • HTML creatives: Full support for HTML creatives including hosting and serving via the Everflow CDN

  • New Alert templates: Includes Approaching Cap, Object creation and many more. Found under Network>>Alerts

  • Report Adjustment capability: Granularly adjust all reporting metrics and view adjustment log. Found under Affiliates>>Report Adjustments

  • Virtual Account Login: Support for a network admin or account manager to virtually log into affiliate or advertiser accounts.

  • Improved Search Engine: Support for additional network resources including transaction id search that returns full click and conversion details per ID.

  • Enhanced Reporting UI: Improved usability for entity report settings section.

  • Invalid Clicks Detail: Access to detailed breakdown of invalid clicks distribution in the entity reports. Note that “invalid click” column should be selected in settings.

  • Dimensional Report Metrics: Support for two concurrent metrics in the Dimensional Report.

  • API Access Control: Manage Access control for affiliate API via IP whitelisting.

  • Delete confirmation: Added a confirmation box for all delete actions in the application.


  • Fixed an issue where percentage values were not displayed correctly in the application

  • Fixed an issue with the search feature of the offer and affiliate drop downs in the tracking link card

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